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Gotrek and Felix

2022.01.29 01:28 DylboScratchins Gotrek and Felix

Who else is looking forward to the dynamic duo retaking Karak Dum and watching Gotrek 1v1 a Bloodthirster?
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2022.01.29 01:28 DesertDweller1776 New kinky krinky

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2022.01.29 01:28 mycatisperfect I feel like the Colt-Vanessa-Debbie drama was a bid for a spin-off

Watching the tell all made me wonder if they’re trying to drum up a storyline for a spin-off show. Coltee’s initial 90DF storyline was infamous- Larissa and Debbie butted heads and mama’s-boy Coltee was stuck in the middle. We got so many iconic moments from that dumpster fire of a marriage and Debbie’s meddling ways. Since marrying Vanessa, Coltee’s life isn’t really exciting enough to rejoin the world of reality tv, so I have to wonder if they’re hyping up the mama’s boy storyline in order to try to regain some relevance.
In my opinion, the show has provided them the resources to live in two separate households. If Colt and his mother are really struggling with boundaries, it would be more appropriate to work through that in therapy instead of crashing Debbie’s Single Life tell all to announce Debbie’s role in his separation. To me, it just came across very planned.
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2022.01.29 01:28 GodlessandLegless NKD. Custom Anodized Norseman

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2022.01.29 01:28 OkTonight6770 Rat won’t let his brother eat!

Hey everyone! I’ve got two rats that are biological brothers (not fixed) and they’re about 7-8 months old and one of them won’t let the other eat! I try to feed them a balanced diet with their Oxbow adult rat food with berries and veggies and one of them looks very healthy but the other one is super skinny :(. The black rat won’t let his brother eat and starts screeching and fights him if he tries to eat so I don’t know what to do. I tried feeding them separately but the skinny one seems to want to eat in intervals and not all at once. I’m an engineering college student so it’s hard to find multiple times a day to do a feeding. I usually feed at 5pm and let them hang out with me on my desk while I do homework. I always clean up my room to get rid of any hazards while they’re playing, since I have a small room it’s easy to keep track of them. I try to let the skinny one free range on his own and come to eat when he wants but he seems to get super distracted when he wanders to eat anything so I’m super concerned for his health. He is super affectionate so all he wants to do is be apart of whatever I’m doing. He hadn’t been acting any different and he’s super affectionate and playful as always but when I hold him he feels so light and that makes me nervous. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to fatten him up? These are my first rats and I love them so much I would be devastated if anything happened. They always cuddle and play when there’s no food involved so I think it’s a food aggression type thing.
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2022.01.29 01:28 mykeyXmayhem Oh hiiiiieeeee

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2022.01.29 01:28 Particular_Plum2192 Loading up my Gemloader binder here is my current front page. Love the birds, the sparkle to these japanese ones are top notch

Loading up my Gemloader binder here is my current front page. Love the birds, the sparkle to these japanese ones are top notch submitted by Particular_Plum2192 to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:28 riddler125999 Here’s my platinum watch for this month!

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2022.01.29 01:28 QuarterlyTurtle I made an awesome bow and arrow for my hunter

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2022.01.29 01:28 Adventurous-Algae635 Hi! This server was created for people who are awake late hours of the night and need something to do/someone to talk to.

Hi! This server was created for people who are awake late hours of the night and need something to do/someone to talk to. submitted by Adventurous-Algae635 to DiscordPromotions [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:28 Dreamedcargaming Got banned from the discord in barely 5 hours, feeling good

Its because i said "3 @ everyones in a day lol"
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2022.01.29 01:28 Axolotyle A game with good destruction physics, preferably with a shooter feeling like battlefield or doom

With the disappointment of 2042 I want a game with destruction where your can level buildings, or something with realistic physics. I've previously enjoyed shooters, especially against AI such as in DOOM
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2022.01.29 01:28 jhonny-blaze Can’t find trade value on traderie, anyone help me on trade value?? Or should I keep it for self use?

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2022.01.29 01:28 Expert_Two5984 Lunar new year

Hi, just wondering, is there any lunar new year event happening on campus?
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2022.01.29 01:28 AzogTPO What do ya'll talk about all day?

I see my friends chatting it up all day long and I don't know how they do it. Both in real life and on snapchat. They can't have that much to talk about that they can converse all day long with multiple people, right? I find it hard to grasp that they have so much to talk about. I aspire to be like them, it seems so liberating and exciting but I always have an empty/clogged mind!
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2022.01.29 01:28 Bombtheban Need some tech advice

Best dash camera?, front & rear download preferred but S/D card if $$ is worth it. GO!!
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2022.01.29 01:28 graider4l Necron strat Counter offensive question

Today I played a Match against necrons and we had like a 30min discussion about this strat. I hope you can answer it.
Situation was the following:
We had like 3 units in meele. My vanguard vets against lynchguard, some bikes against some warriors and other marines against some skorpekhs destroyers. They were all engaged since last round. Fast forward to fight phase one turn later.
My chaplain on bike charged an overlord. As usual I started the Phase with my attacks from the chaplain. Hit him with 3 wounds. Then he called the strat Counter offensive and then he wanted to Fight first with the lynchguard against my Veterans who where like 10 inches away in a completely different "Fight". Is that valid?
My understanding was that this strat would only come in play if I would have charged the Overlord for example with one more unit lets say another marines unit and that He could then Fight before the Marine unit that also charged? Please correct me if i'm wrong.
Hope you can understand what i'm telling you. Exucse my bad english but i'm from germany and its hard to explain Our Hobby in a foreign language.
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2022.01.29 01:28 Brave-Log7130 JAN50

Did anyone receive their JAN50 box?
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2022.01.29 01:28 AngryAsparagus69 The legion scares the living shit outta me

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2022.01.29 01:28 kk_victory Can I raze a country to the ground for my story?

I’m writing a story that takes place in our world except France doesn’t exist because I really just fucking hate France. But I don’t want people to accuse me of hating France, so I’m thinking of just hiring an army to wipe it off the map. Then no one can complain when it’s not in my story.
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2022.01.29 01:28 Smash_Factor Got scammed on Offerup today.

Saw a watch on Offerup that I wanted. I contacted the seller and asked if it was a mans or womans watch. Seller responded saying it's unisex.
Knowing that this isn't true, I search Google Images until I found the watch. It's a mens Eco Drive Stiletto that was discontinued several years ago. Still, for $30 it seemed like a good deal.
I asked the seller if the watch is still keeping time or if it has stopped. Seller responds saying it's keeping time.
So I tell the seller I'm going to buy this watch right now. Seller doesn't respond, but I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway.
A few minutes later I get a message from the seller:
Seller: "I don't take payment's on the app. I only use Cashapp. Sorry."
Me: "I'm not using the app. I'm on my computer. And you're not allowed to use Cashapp on Offerup."
Seller: "When you pay on here it take the money from me. I only get paid on cash app for that reason. I don't get anything but 4 bucks when its purchased on here"
Me: "That's not true. Besides, I've already purchased the watch."
Seller: "The purchase doesn't go threw till accepted and shipped. And it is true I've already sold a laptop earlier and I barely got anything."
Me: "That's not true either."
Seller: "Yea it is i would know cause I have nothing."
Me: "You've never sold anything. If you've ever sold anything it would be in your sales history."
It was at this point that I realized I wasn't careful enough when choosing who I buy from.
Seller: "My selling says different. I'm going to sell this to the next person."
Me: "You're the lowest piece of shit type of person out there. Scamming piece of garbage."
Seller: " Thank you but aren't you the idiot that just sent money?"
So yeah, I did make a mistake not taking a closer look at this seller. I reported to Offerup and reported a few of the items he's selling. You cannot use Cashapp on Offerup. You have to buy through Offerup.
I contacted my bank and they will probably just refund me the money. It was only $41.42. There's also the outside chance that Offerup will refund me the money if they don't get shipping confirmation from USPS.
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2022.01.29 01:28 silvercowWithMe I know this is not a meme but I’m so happy I met with you :)

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2022.01.29 01:28 daishukanami joining the art-style trend, first time I've ever drawn a self-portrait, I look cooler here than in real life

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2022.01.29 01:28 Charged_up_Panda Anyone still up and wanna fully in depth convo?

Talk about anything and everything, clean chat tho… dm me
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2022.01.29 01:28 DrMBrio H: AA50c Break The Dragon 228 W: Bulk Heavy Weapons Bobbleheads or otherwise strong offers.

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