What's that word Mary Poppins always said?

2022.01.29 01:07 buttchomper What's that word Mary Poppins always said?

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2022.01.29 01:07 PlantDreams Say hello to my new Bantel's Sensation😊

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2022.01.29 01:07 sharingisntkaren Yay!

Sorry not sure if this a celebration or a vent. Yay! ( I guess) I wrote and posted( or will soon be posting over 20,000 words this month. Considering I usually maybe post between 3-8 k on a good month that's a lot for me. Now if only they weren't dead doves that no nobody knows I've written and actual stories my readers want... Yay?
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2022.01.29 01:07 fair_dinkum_arsehole ..to change sexism into alcoholism.

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2022.01.29 01:07 blackoblivian Fairfield = Philadelphia?

In the Left 4 Dead 2 lore, does Philadelphia exist, or is it replaced by the city of Fairfield?
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2022.01.29 01:07 mundane-sublime It's (O)k to (C)use

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2022.01.29 01:07 ashley-lynn_thebaker I don’t mean to post twice in one day but I just opened Jade and uhmmmm

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2022.01.29 01:07 111_gIll In 2006, a man in Portland, Oregon hired a hitman to kill his 51-year-old wife, Susan Kuhnhausen. She ended up killing the hitman with her bare hands. When she had her hands on his neck she asked him, "TELL ME WHO SENT YOU HERE AND I WILL CALL YOU A FUCKING AMBULANCE!"

In 2006, a man in Portland, Oregon hired a hitman to kill his 51-year-old wife, Susan Kuhnhausen. She ended up killing the hitman with her bare hands. When she had her hands on his neck she asked him, submitted by 111_gIll to HolUp [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:07 sandy_09088 I start my new job at Starbucks on Monday. Any advice would be appreciated :)

As the title says, I start my new job on Monday. Nervous yet excited. Please give some advice for a fellow newbie 😁
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2022.01.29 01:07 WoodpeckerLoud5267 What's the point of these isoletated territories?

For some reason some folks choose to be isolated from literally everybody. I wonder if devs did this "dead end" territories intentionally or is this just a bug. Can I report it if it's a bug? And if I can how to report it?
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2022.01.29 01:07 gtrman571 Arrow function.

It says arrow functions returning single line of code can omit the return keyword, but I get undefined.

let sum1 = (n) => { let sum = 0; while(n>0){ sum+= n; n--; } return sum; } let sum2 = (n) => { n*(n+1)/2; } console.log(sum2(3)); // undefined console.log(sum1(3)); // 6 
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2022.01.29 01:07 Eique_Bitumin A wild ...Squirrel Appeared?

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2022.01.29 01:07 Hanasmf Why did Tony stop getting the paper in the morning?

See title. I would rewatch but I don’t know which episode it was in. He tells Carmela it isn’t safe.
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2022.01.29 01:07 Thegamer102102 HDD making weird noises

my 1tb WD HDD 7200RPM is only 1 year old. I started to hear a very subtle clicking sound when the windows is booting and only during booting. I use it as a boot drive for now as my SSD will arrive soon enough.
I wanted to know if this is the click of death or this is just normal noise.
Just several low pitched clicks then everything goes back to normal and it functions pretty well and the speed is not affected or the s.m.a.r.t reading everything is just fine.
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2022.01.29 01:07 Poorly-Drawn-Beagle A Halloween Dare

[WP] I'll never forget the night when everything changed. We were all out there, staring at the rare blue moon on Halloween night.
If you were alive then, you know the year wasn't exactly going well. Everyone was still going out wearing surgical masks. A lot of places- movies, theaters, even a lot of shopping places- weren't open and probably weren't going to open again. Needless to say, none of us were too optimistic about Halloween. Which, in retrospect, was a shame. A blue moon, right on the night of Halloween? Okay, sure, not a once-in-a-lifetime thing... more like five. But hey, it was still something special, right? Yet everything was shut down, and we couldn't even muster up the holiday spirit to put on the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special. So none of us much expected anything interesting to happen. So what ultimately happened... well, it caught us a little off-guard.
There was a pallid face at my car window, framed by a mass of unruly hair; through the glass, I heard the girl in the tattered straightjacket droning something like "Go. Leave me."
"So what time's your shift end?" I asked, faux-flirtatiously. Dan and Caleb cracked up in the backseat, and Addison giggled into her hands in the passenger. I was smiling too but secretly hoped the girl hadn't heard it; a humble part time worker at the Nightmare Factory drive-thru house of horrors probably didn't need that in her life.
"No, really, I think I've got a chance there," I said, letting the car inch forward a bit. In the end the crazy girl in the straightjacket ducked behind one of the sets, where, judging from the screams, she was murdered by the guy in the Leatherface costume. Well, easy come, easy go.
So that was Halloween. Me and Dan, and Caleb and Caleb's sister Addy, whom I kind of deluded myself into thinking had a slight crush on me. Going through a redecorated carwash while guys in cheap costumes screamed at us. Better than nothing, I guessed. As I drove us back home, I couldn't help but notice the full moon sitting among the curling black clouds. It spooked me, somehow.
"So." Dan broke the silence. "Any other ideas?"
"Well, you know my idea," said Caleb.
"No. Not happening," I said immediately. I knew I was being a spoilsport but as driver that was my prerogative.
"Abandoned train station! Spooky! Fun! You remember what fun is, right? Do you just hate fun?"
"If we get caught, I go to jail, and I'm allergic to jail."
"You're not gonna go to jail over something stupid like that. Cops have bigger things to worry about. Like someone pissing on the side of the Pancake Palace. Come ooooon."
Then Dan joined in too. I looked over at Addy, with sort of an embarrassed smile. She smiled back and shrugged just a little, and said, very quietly, "I guess it could be fun."
My heart skipped a small beat.
"Okay, fine. I guess we could give it a try."
Caleb wooped.
The station was pretty old but there was almost no security. I parked the car someplace I hoped was discrete and we all piled out in what struck me as a thoroughly not-sneaky manner. Might have been Dan's Green Lantern shirt ruining the atmosphere. And we weren't really going to blend at all, in the full moon's light.
In any case, we hopped some turnstiles and snuck onto a fairly small, enclosed platform overlooking a few empty railways. It was dusty, dim with only a few skylights and windows for light, but not in total disrepair. Now that we'd already made the unaccountably stupid decision, I felt compelled to ask:
"What now?"
Caleb feigned sounding wounded. "You have to give it a chance, my guy. What happened to your childlike sense of wonder? Sneaking into abandoned places doesn't bring joy into your heart?"
"No, and for the record spitting off the freeway overpass lost its appeal for me a while back too."
"Come on," said Addy. "It is kind of fun, a little."
"See? Addy knows."
"I guess," I muttered.
"Guys!" Dan's voice echoed throughout the station. "Check this out!" We followed his gaze.
There was a traincar tucked onto the rail, hidden away in a little half-tunnel. It was just sitting there, like a sleeping animal. I knew nothing about how trains worked, but it seemed oddly wrong that it was sitting there in a disused station.
"Whoa. Hang on, I've gotta check this out!" Before any of us could stop him, Caleb had hopped down onto the track.
"What are you thinking?" I... well, not yelped. But I can see how you might think that. "You could get zapped!"
Caleb just shrugged. "Just don't touch the rail and you're fine. Assuming this place is even still... on the grid, or something. Come on down!"
Even Addison looked slightly nervous. I still don't know how he talked us down. The place wasn't exactly brightly lit to begin with, but inside the train it was bound to be pitch black. I think all of us had our phonelights on. I think I remember that.
We managed to get aboard the car, and pitch black it was... until the lights flicked on unexpectedly. Not normal lights; sickly green and... weird, somehow. I think my heart jumped into my throat then, and I know I heard one of us suppress a scream.
"You said this place wouldn't have any electricity," Dan said accusingly.
"Well- it shouldn't," Caleb answered. The traincar was... pretty normal, except for the lights. Seats, some handles for those who wanted to stand. Somehow it didn't look abandoned for very long; far as I knew, this place had been shut down for years.
Caleb, whose curiosity I was growing to hate, was now poking around between the chairs. I could tell he was thinking the same as me; something was not right about this place.
"Guys," Addison said. "Maybe we should go. If someone's still using this place, we don't want to be here when they get ba-"
"Good a fine good MORNING to you, passengers. assengers."
The voice came over the intercom. It was... wrong. Everything about that voice was wrong, wrong. It sounded like a different person was speaking every few words, sometimes a cheerful peppy voice, sometimes a raspy whisper, sometimes like a child pretending to be deep and growling, and somehow, everything about it was wrong.
"What the hell?" Dan whispered.
"That's... is someone there?" Addison sounded as scared as I felt.
"It's got to be a recording," I tried to say, but my voice sounded hushed in my own ears.
"It's looking to be A FINE DAY a fine day indeed for a trip by rail. So please! Remain in your seats OR standing by one of the handrails. FEEL FREE to rest up while we travel. avel. You MIGHT AS WELL! After all, WE are not at rest here."
"Guys." I breathed. "Let's get out of here."
Addy and Dan were nodding furiously. Caleb just looked stunned.
"Caleb," I hissed. "Please, let's get out of here."
He finally snapped out of it and came with me... to the door, which had somehow sealed shut. Without even a pneumatic hiss. We were locked in.
"Don't GO anywhere just yet. You haven't reached a final destination YET."
"Guys," said Addy. "I- I don't think that's a recording. Someone's actually... talking to us, I think."
"Very Good! Now You're On the right track ack alright!"
My brain felt like it was pulsing against my skull. Everything felt impossible. The green light and the voice and everything. But at that moment, I seemed to be the only one able to speak, and I said, "Hello? I... who is this, exactly?"
"Why, we're YOUR FRIENDLY Conductors today! certainly looks like a fine day a fine day And not at rest here."
"I-" I swallowed. "I don't understand. You- this train goes somewhere?"
There was a pause. And the intercom said, "We're Not At Rest Here. HERE. Stuck we are always stuck between we are but moving on to your final destination your friendly conductors today!"
"And... sorry, I don't understand. What's... you're not at rest, what does that mean?"
A pause again. "Well, it happened. WE WE WERE we thought we would, far away we could find but stuck we were stuck between. And now land sakes here we are your friendly conductors trapped. please. Now we Ride the Rails your friendly conductors but we are not at rest here death should be the end but the end won't come we wish to rest but WE ARE NOT AT REST HERE WE ARE NOT AT REST HERE WE ARE NOT AT REST HERE."
The carriage was rocking the voice was booming and then sobbing and then whispering and then chuckling. I think I heard one of my friends whimpering, and it might have been me.
Addy managed to suck in enough air to say, "Please. Just... just let us go. We don't know what you mean!"
The rocking stopped. Caleb had collapsed and was curled up next to a seat, sitting on the ground, almost having a panic attack. I noticed Dan fumbling in his pocket; he pulled out a pocket knife and gestured at the door. Cut an escape route? I doubted it would work. I tried to gesture to him to stop. For some reason I was sure the voice... the train? The conductors? Wouldn't like it. But he went for it anyway, so I tried to keep it- they? distracted.
"I... what is it you need exactly? What do you need from us?"
"We need rest. You're going to have a fine day traveling with us today and we hope join us. We are not at rest here. YOU with us today and whatever your final destination estination is. Hope you enjoy WITH US."
There was a clacking. Those sickly lights flickered. I realized with a sinking feeling the train was starting to move, creeping along. No. That was it. I panicked. Fire extinguisher on the wall. I grabbed it and started slamming it against the windows. No effect. Again, and again. The beginning of cracks. Dan was still trying to pry the door apart and Addy was trying to help. Caleb was beginning to cry, big screaming sobs.
"Aaaaaaaaaall aboard**.****"**
Again. Again. The cracks spread. The lights kept flickering, and in that flickering, I think I saw... shapes. The shapes of people, but all full of mist that same sickly green color, with big empty eyes set in blank faces. NO. No. Don't focus. Keep going. Get off this train.
It finally worked. The window buckled, a hole smashed out of it. Shards sprinkled to the floor. Hurry, hurry. I used the extinguisher to clear away more of the rubble and I think I screamed "HURRY!"
The train was gathering speed. There was a flurry; there was grabbing, but I don't remember who grabbed whom. Caleb was hauled to his feet; I remember vaulting out the window as the train reached its full speed, hitting the ground and rolling. There was a second that felt like eternity, in which I was terrified to open my eyes and see what was around me. But it seemed over. My friends and I were out. We were safe.
I managed to stumble to my feet; we all did, and we hurried out.
Caleb needed to be supported under both arms. He was... stunned, I guess. None of us could really process what happened. The full moon was still up in the night sky. I wasn't sure how much time had passed... any?
Somehow we stumbled back to the car, shoved Caleb in the backseat. I think he vomited onto the pavement. Better out than in, so... sure. While we caught our breath, I happened to look up. Outlined against the night sky I saw some kind of humanlike figure in a long coat. I couldn't make out a single feature, but I was pretty sure their face was pointing directly at us.
"Let's go," I said. Addy looked at me anxiously, and I tried to keep my voice level. "We need to get home." Whoever it was standing there in the parking lot, I was hoping they'd leave us all alone if we ignored them, if I gave no indication of having seen them and nobody else saw them. So I hurried everyone into the car, and before anyone could react, we drove off. I didn't check the mirror to see what the figure was doing.
In the weeks to come, the old train station mysteriously burned down. Nobody was able to account for it. I never went to check myself. Maybe the shadowy figure did it, maybe one of my friends. I didn't know and didn't want any part of the mystery. I saw those friends less and less often. None of us wanted any reminders of what had happened. We'd be in touch every once in a while but conversation always proved a struggle.
My imagination won't let me consider what that train was, who the conductors were, where it went, what it wanted from us really. Ghosts? They kept saying they were trapped between... something. Seeking rest. I hope whatever they needed, they found it. Somewhere in the dark, and cold, and loneliness, I think they're still there. Not sane, not at peace. Not at rest.
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2022.01.29 01:07 -Obsidian_12 About Diablo

I have watched the anime and I must say I like all the characters especially those from Tempest. But there's one thing I don't get. Why does Diablo revere Rimuru so much? I get why the others do so, like the goblins being saved by Rimuru, the kijins were helped by Rimuru get revenge, the orcs were forgiven for their war crimes and given a place to live, etc. But how about Diablo? He does not have much interaction with Rimuru until he got summoned during his Harvest Festival, yet he rivals Shion in being a simp towards him. Am I missing something here?
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2022.01.29 01:07 GreatBear2121 No tour this year. Rough for those who have been let go.

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2022.01.29 01:07 coolboy856 Is there actually someone who WANTS lazer to replace the real osu?

I understand that the spaghetti code isn't the greatest to implement changes/new stuff into but lazer doesn't feel right at all to me. I try it once every 3 months or so and decide that it's absolutely fucking horrible. Notelock being removed is so far the ONLY positive thing I've seen in it. Importing maps from a different drive is a hassle, the GUI is PERFECT already in osu!. The futuristic GUI in lazer is a downgrade for most of the people I've discussed it with.
This was written after 10 or so beers, also might violate the rules, but it's my honest opinion regardless. (already forgot what I wrote but fuck that)
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2022.01.29 01:07 lammingtonjam After some good advice even the dude that said I should be hanged(kek). I got two more designs much more cleaner but any more advice won't hurt. If not feel free to share it around

After some good advice even the dude that said I should be hanged(kek). I got two more designs much more cleaner but any more advice won't hurt. If not feel free to share it around submitted by lammingtonjam to LaborPartyofAustralia [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:07 alwaysthinking182 planets cutting off sunlight

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2022.01.29 01:07 Nee_Hoy_Mee_Noy I'm Trying My Hardest buy I Don't What Else To Do

I am going to refrain from using the "R" word as the post will get taken down almost immediately.
Does anyone know of a solid way of getting a hold of an actual person that works for Steam? I am trying so hard to get that thing you do when take something back to the store and they give your currency back. I'm on my ninth attempt now but every time I get an answer back, my request is denied but it's the same exact message every time. I saw people getting their requests honored who spent more than I did and had even more time than I do (currently at 35 hours, not gonna go up ever).
It's just super frustrating. I've even said they can put the $98 back into my Steam wallet so I have to use the $$ on the Steam store.
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2022.01.29 01:07 Srlogma No digas mamadas mery jane

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2022.01.29 01:07 J143333 Someone do a story time ..

intrigue me.. what’s the maddest thing that’s happened to you while off your cake .?? Or something crazy you have done while off your Barnet ..? !
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2022.01.29 01:07 sadgreeksalad I miss her so much

Today I lost my 17 year old cat Bea after a battle with congestive heart failure. She died peacefully in my arms at home at 2:22 pm. She let us know that it was her time, and we were lucky enough to be able to give her a dignified and peaceful passing. The scope of my grief is profound. I knew it would be painful, but I didn’t know it would hurt this badly.
We had been together through some of the worst and best times of my life. I adopted her after my dad died, and she saved my life. She was a healer, a protector, a source of incredible joy, and a stabilizing force amidst the chaos. She fell in love with my boyfriend, and lived long enough to see him become my husband this summer. She was the most loving, present, affectionate cat with the biggest personality and real emotional depth. We spent so much beautiful time together cuddling, playing, laying in the sun, going on adventures. She would curl up next to me when I cried. She was my best friend and my soulmate.
The worst part is I can’t shake off guilt, and I hate that I can’t release those feelings. I feel guilty about everything: did I change her litter box enough, change the water filters enough, spend enough time with her, find her the right doctor, give her the right treatment…and did she know how much I loved her? Did she know how safe she was? Does she know that I will always cherish her, did she feel held and adored?
I miss her so much. I feel simultaneously numb and in tremendous physical pain, like a piece of my body has been dislodged and is just bleeding out. I don’t know how to cope with the fact that I will never see her again. I hate that I don’t know where she’s gone.
I hope we find each other again in this great cosmic mess.
Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.29 01:07 YouSlashGlenn What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent on your Quest in one sitting?

For me it’s about 18 hours. I swapped between my Quest 1 and Quest 2 throughout the day to give them each a break and went through four power banks. If I ever get the time to do this again I’ll try and make it to a full 24 hours!
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