Someone's neighbor is getting sold y'all. 🤣🤣

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2022.01.29 01:16 Hyak_utake Someone's neighbor is getting sold y'all. 🤣🤣

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2022.01.29 01:16 JalapenoPapperz This patch has killed more content than it has created.

Hi everyone, you might call me a New World "white knight" because through all the pain and struggles, I have stuck through and genuinely enjoyed the game. I am on a "high pop" US EAST server and haven't had any issues... until now.
I am lucky enough to have an active company that would push territory and organize events. I was active in the market. I would farm for things I needed with others. I would sign up for any and every wainvasion possible and did anything I could to progress my character. The game felt alive, people were enjoying each other in discord and chat. My company would sometimes full queue OPR and just talk crap while killing one another.
This patch set fire to almost all of these things.
Let's go one by one: Active Company: Since mutations came out a full channel of 50 people joking, laughing, engaging has now separated into 4-5 dungeon groups with people hard focusing mutation pushes. We try to organize chest runs or territory pushes, and a quarter of the previous participants show because everyone is in a Laz run or trying to get into one. Mutations divided our community completely and after a few days, many of us are frustrated by the social fall out of mutations. On top of this you can't just bring your friends to a mutation group now. You have to have a full evaluation of gear score and experience before you know that it is worth everyone's time to actually start a mutation, breeding a toxic level of separation in our community. Active Market: New rule; if it's not orange, it won't sell. My farmed mats would usually clear out overnight now only the very specific orb crafting materials and any bis/near bis gear is all that sells. Farming had value before now it seems people are even letting their daily cooldowns lapse because all that matters is mutations. Trophy mats and crafted trophies are dropping hard in price. I power leveled my gear ASAP because upgrading anything under 600 costs too many shards and now my gold stash is largely nuked. Mutations killed the market health and diversity and probably many other player's buying power like me. Active WaInvasion: This past weekend our server had 6-7 wars spread over the two days. It was awesome! People were out and engaging and we had some logistical issues with overlap, but it was fine in the end. This weekend we have two wars coming. Two. One of which JUST pushed over before I started typing this. The whole server gave up on pushing territory because we have to spam Laz runs since it is the only way to gain progress at the moment. Would it even be wise to push a war if the big bad company on the server kept their orbs to themselves and literally just out gear you now by 5-10 gear score? How balanced is this for pvp? In order to be good at pvp we need to run multiple days worth of mutations to stay competitive? Active OPR Queues: Do I even need to say it? Who is queueing OPR since everyone is in Laz? It was fun and active maybe 10-20min max prepatch, now you're sitting for 2hrs+ to see a single game. The community is divided into their separate discord channels all too busy to say, "hey yeah, I'll queue OPR with you!". Mutations killed OPR entirely. Active Mutation Runs: On top of mutations killing all previous content, they also implode on themselves. Only certain builds have bis items to chase from the runs leaving mages, for example, out to dry with no doom's chance earring type item to chase. I am a melee and do have good named items from the mutations, so I am fortunate, but people are frustrated and not seeing the point. Only those with full legendary gear are reaping the full benefits of these runs and that is a small sliver of the population leaving others feel the cost of entry is too high. On top of this, after two days my server seemed to have bled itself dry of mutated orbs. Three orbs a week is NOT ENOUGH for how important this content is to the player base. Why are we time gating this so hard? People are reaching out to inactive players asking them to log in just to craft some orbs so we can get another 35-70min of content. Within just a few days, the majority of our active server seems to be taking a break until their orb cooldowns reset. The posts for people wanting to buy into runs outnumber the people who are looking for players 100:1 at this point. Mutations even killed mutations. How mundane to log in and run the same expedition over and over as the only way to develop yourself...
AGS, hear my plea. Do something. I log off tonight earlier than I have in months because all there is to do is Mutations and there aren't mutations to do. Don't get me wrong, I'll be back tomorrow with hope of more activity. This patch has dropped a bomb on the health of the game. I've found enjoyment in the game every day... until today.
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2022.01.29 01:16 order227- People with ADD how did your life improve after taking medication for it?

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2022.01.29 01:16 chedderballs LF: (ALL in POGO OR HOME NEVER BEEN TO SWSH No offers please) shiny mew, shiny darkrai, shiny genesect, and shiny Deoxys. FT: images, my arms, way to many shiny legends only tradable in swsh, can do multiple for any of them. :^)

LF: (ALL in POGO OR HOME NEVER BEEN TO SWSH No offers please) shiny mew, shiny darkrai, shiny genesect, and shiny Deoxys. FT: images, my arms, way to many shiny legends only tradable in swsh, can do multiple for any of them. :^) submitted by chedderballs to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:16 delij Anyone else? Every time I hear this I think of this Seinfeld episode.

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2022.01.29 01:16 MartianTea Less arm hair, more hair everywhere else pp.

I'm 15 month pp and noticed after giving birth my arm hair, which was quite thick, all fell out. Some came back, but it's very sparse.
This would be fine except now I have more hair other places.
How have you all dealt with this? I'm thinking of taking Saw Palmetto, but just found out my cortisol levels are on the lower side of normal. I guess I need DHEAS tested too.
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2022.01.29 01:16 Goldfleeceram Being diagnosed in the hospital

I am 26 years old. I am currently in the hospital after a week of unexplained illness. After 24 hours an Endo comes in to talk to me and brings up Addisons, saying that he is almost sure that this is what I have. I was here expecting to be treated for being sick and then discharged. This is REALLY freaking me out. If this is what I have can i expect to live a long life? I just want to live long and have kid and grandkids.
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2022.01.29 01:16 orangeslushieplushie I got a Chamametchi! She's so cute 🥺💕 (swipe to the end if you want a playdate 💖)

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2022.01.29 01:16 KlassCorn91 How to wash marker off of a canvas painting.

Hey I’m doing a play. And i the play there is a canvas painting, ours is acrylic. In the play a character draws on the painting and then the characters wash it off onstage. What’s the best way to accomplish this?
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2022.01.29 01:16 comatokes Dizziness and nausea upon waking for two days

58F, 5’4, 162cm, ~72kg, white, no pre existing conditions, no meds, no alcohol, smoking, drugs, Australia. Primary complaint dizziness and nausea upon waking, two days out of the last 4. Posting for my MIL as she doesn’t use reddit.
Looking for a second opinion. On Wednesday morning she woke up extremely dizzy and nauseous, felt better after a few hours. BP was normal (but checked when she was feeling a bit better). This morning, felt the same but worse. Threw up a couple times and took a few hours to even get out of bed. Felt slightly better but not back to normal to went to the doctor this afternoon. important to add she has had vertigo before but that was caused by an ear infection. She also got something in her eye last Saturday which caused it to be very red but it’s nearly gone by today. The doctor looked in her eye for quite a while then had her lay down on the bed and turned her head to the right (which made her feel worse). He did not look in her ears or take her blood pressure. He gave her a referral to the hospital for an urgent CT scan to rule out central vertigo. He also gave her a prescription for betahistine dihydrochloride. She went to the pharmacy and asked them to take her BP and it was 114/80.
Our question is- do you think it’s necessary for her to go to the ER? He didn’t take her vitals or look in her ears. Covid is pretty bad where we are, hospitals are full, and my FIL is immunocompromised so we don’t want her to go if it isn’t absolutely necessary. We are thinking maybe she should try the script and see how she goes, if it doesn’t help then go to ER?
Thank you for your opinions!!
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2022.01.29 01:16 Dragonfly164 Paying collections

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2022.01.29 01:16 calebatemyicecream A neat, but definitely (too) showy piano improv I did

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2022.01.29 01:16 drawFirstUntapLater Saber vs. Saber

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2022.01.29 01:16 Ashley2007 Password

Hi! I’m catching up on GG reboot and it’s been like three episodes of this blonde girl trying to figure out how to get GG back from this Scott guy. Why doesn’t she just change the password? Like she set it up so it’s probably under her email. Even before they took it over and they all ambushed her at a table and told her she was done with GG. Why didn’t she just change the password then and lock everyone else out. What am I missing?
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2022.01.29 01:15 Background_Camera146 Im kinda struggling ngl…ranting about the smaller things (TW sh)

Lately every so often ive been having these low moments. there really isnt any real reason that causes it to happen. mostly my overthinking of basically everything. maybe a little bit of self pity. either way sometimes i get the thoughts to sh again. and the only thing that scares me is if i do it..i’ll continue to do it.
i used to sh when i was in mainly middle school and beginning of high school. i don’t remember when i started or why. but i know once i started i kept doing it. but i can say i know for sure if my mother never saw it on my arm i wouldnt have stopped. and i didnt stop because i regretted it but because i felt bad. somehow in the conversation when she found out she kinda made it about herself..saying how they were a bad parent for not noticing and how they somehow taught me it was ok or something like that.
i knew before that if my parents found out that it would be more of an angry reaction instead of a more concerned reaction. like i grew up with the idea that people who have “good lives” and say they are depressed or self harm are doing it for attention. which made me hate myself even more for feeling the way i did. my parents had kind of a bad reaction when my sister made this dumb pact with her friend at the time saying they would off themselves (they were young at the time and didnt know any better) but after seeing the reaction my parents gave to that i knew i was never gonna tell them.
going back to now i look at my old scars which leads to the whole overthinking and just down this spiral…i just get this feeling i cant explain seeing my scars fading..the feeling like it wasnt deep enough or just the idea that maybe i was doing it for attention.
its like a mini argument in my head when i think about it…the thing is being told that people who do that for attention by many people and me trying to justify it by saying no sane person would hurt themselves. that maybe something is wrong.
idk this is probably all over the place and not make sense but i feel like weird rn about it all
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2022.01.29 01:15 FreeAgentsNoLeave Whether the Dragic split was mutual or not, It looks terrible for both sides.

You have a guy not playing while making 19m/yr while a depth starved roster is fighting to make the playoffs.
this isn't no Al Horford, John Wall situation. This is an actual competitive team.
Looks terrible for everyone, league included.
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2022.01.29 01:15 throwawayafw How do I extract the image patches within the detected boxes of Faster RCNN? How do I analyse it using handcrafted features?
I have been trying to implement this above work on mitosis detection using python. They have used a Faster RCNN model to detect mitosis. And the detected boxes were postprocessed on the basis of handcrafted features. Thus the precision, recall and f1score is improved and then they have done a score level fusion of CNNs to further improve the performance.
I'm stuck at the point where I couldn't understand the methodology of how they extracted the patches from the detected boxes of Faster RCNN and analysed it using handcrafted features.
Here's the appendix paper of the work which includes methodology.
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2022.01.29 01:15 buttlicker9669 Can we just..

Can we just fast forward to being thirty, pretending we didn’t know each other in our 20’s and having a little better credit?
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2022.01.29 01:15 TouchToLose Just ordered two of these to work on my tomahawks

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2022.01.29 01:15 Mari-021 Need a signature weather you give a f**k about this or not (sorry for being aggressive I am very passionate about this)
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2022.01.29 01:15 Beginning-Camera-332 Made something for everyone

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2022.01.29 01:15 Interesting-Role1281 Bruno watching his families sing an entire song about him

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2022.01.29 01:15 Shalar79 Recently accepted into a free part time bootcamp. Advice for how to prepare as a newbie in tech.

Hi all!
I was just accepted I to Generation USA Junior Cloud Practitioner bootcamp. This is a really cool program and I’m super excited.
I’m very new to tech and this is a career change for me. My background is in microbiology and public health. I’d like ti get acquainted with some of the technologies before class starts in March.
The curriculum consists of IT, Python, Devils, Linux and AWS Cloud essentials. The program will pay for my AWS certification whenever I get to that point. I do know I need more frets in this field (just not sure which ones).
But in the meantime, can anyone suggest how I get a jumpstart on some of the essentials? Preferably sources of this material? Thanks so much!
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2022.01.29 01:15 JLuridMuse CubeCon 2022

After two long years of hiatus, I am so pleased to announce to everyone that the rumors are true and CubeCon 2022 will in fact be taking place this year!
The WCA has been hard at work to make this year's CubeCon a memorable experience, and you won't want to miss it!
I would like to share some details about this year's CubeCon, and address some common questions.
Who will be attending CubeCon '22?
Attendance us open to anyone who has been officially rated by the WCA.
A lot of veteran cubers will be attending CubeCon '22, so it will be a good place to meet some of the old pros. Randy, ShellySparkle95, Hortice, and even Zeke P. will be there and so much more!
Where is CubeCon '22?
Nevada again this year. We will be meeting for brunch at Peggy Sue's. Those looking to attend will need to know the following information; For twelve hours leading up to CubeCon, you will be able to look for a brunette waitress wearing the WCA patch on her blouse. Get her attention and give her the WCA motto. She'll take you into the back with the other attendees until departure time.
CC '22 will be hosted at Big Levi's Ranchfront Property. We will be travelling there straight from Peggy Sue's. We would like to just give the address directly to attendees for their leisure, but this was a necessary measure because of increased Coyote activity this year around.
WHEN is CubeCon '22?
We will be leaving Peggy Sue's at 5:00 PM PST on Thursday, November 24. It will take place over the next week. Shelter is provided.
Do I need to bring my own tools?
Lent Tools will be provided at the premises, courtesy of Big Levi. You are allowed to bring your own, but if you don't have your own tools, don't worry.
Do I need to bring my own cake?
Cake will be provided on the premises, and will also be gathered on a speciality cake run activity during CubeCon '22. Because of increased Coyote activity, please do not bring your own cake.
What activities are on the agenda?
There's a lot to look forward to at CubeCon 2022!
To name a few of the great activities:
Meet and greet. Exciting Workshops ran by veteran professional cubers; you'll learn so much and you won't want to miss it. This will feature cubing lessons for beginners.
Amazing Barbecues every night. Come sit around the fire and grill some quality AA meats with your buddies. Featuring Babe's Famous Sigmoid Roast. First night will be excellent homemade Thanksgiving dinner by Big Levi with high quality Thanksgiving Pine Pork.
Tool Swap. For those who brought your own tools, you'll have the opportunity to swap tools with other attendees, or just check out what they're packing. We will also be swapping and sharing cubing tips and techniques.
Skit performances and plays at the amphitheater every night after dinner.
Cake Run: the last day of CubeCon will host an all day group Cake Run around the surrounding city. This will be the crowning event.
Plenty of time to hang out and catch up with friends, and meet new faces.
And of course, what you're here for: Plenty of cubing fun and activities. All week on-premise cubing.
And so much more: this is going to be the best CubeCon you've ever attended! You won't regret it. After CubeCon 22, we'll be visiting the local parks and malls to unwind after a great week.
Schedules will be provided to all attendees. All events and activities are optional.
If anyone has any further questions regarding CubeCon 2022 and this year's arrangements, please feel free to DM me and I will be happy to do my best to be of help.
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2022.01.29 01:15 AltruiSisu Maynard told us to go ham with our phones on the last track... Invincible from last night in Denver.

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