Flexibility around work location

2021.12.09 10:36 Lawwley Flexibility around work location

Hi all. Just looking for some opinions.
Currently looking for a new role and have been interviewing with multiple companies and had screeners with even more. I had a screening call yesterday which honestly I was taken back by after it. Started out normal explaining my background, projects etc etc.
As I dove into the role more with the companies recruiter explaining expected salary and compensation I said that work life balance is an important factor to me and that I would not be willing to commute to the office more than at max 2 days per week. I.e 3 days from home per week. The recruiter then started to tell me this isn't a problem blah blah blah they encourage a flexible approach to work and that they offer one day from home bi weekly. Literally 1 day from home for every 10 days in the office. I explained that this wouldn't be of interest to me and said if it was the case there was not much point in continuing as the role would not be suitable. When I mentioned this the recruiter said I was being very unreasonable and that with them having a city centre office commuting shouldn't be an issue.
Has anyone else come across with? This is normally what turns me off of a role. Salary as important as it is isn't as much of an issue to me as spending 2/3hrs a day commuting into Dublin City centre. After speaking about it with some friends who are not in the tech industry who claim I am also being unreasonable to expect this. It has got me questioning my decision and expectations. Am I wrong to assume companies should have a flexible approach to work?
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2021.12.09 10:36 Thetruthira Shadow ban forever?

My account is shadowbanned for months now,tried to leave it and nothing happened,is it there forever or what
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2021.12.09 10:36 jet5031 New meaning to '10 Day Tony'

It's the time it takes for inVesTiGatIVe RePOrtEr Mike to get the scoop that Tony already had
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2021.12.09 10:36 DJOllieDNB Sweetpea hosts BBC Radio 1 D&B Show

It’s been announced that London based DJ Sweetpea will be in the hot seat for the Drum & Bass Show as part of the BBC Radio 1 Christmas schedule. I had a chat to her to find out more https://www.lovethatbass.com/news/sweetpea-hosts-radio-1-dnb-show/
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2021.12.09 10:36 spotify_curator710 Created a Lofi Super Vibe

super Lofi Vibe to Study - Chill - Relax and repeat here the playlist over 1000 track Rap / Pop / R&B and more...
for your enjoyment please follow and share

love and peace to all wish everyone
the best ever
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2021.12.09 10:36 Fluxx27 Week old reported posts no longer loading in mod que

As the title says, Im having some issues with mod que not generating older posts. When the mod que is clean 29 posts remain. It loaded once when I was cleaning them up but it won't load again.
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2021.12.09 10:36 murdoc_109 In a way?

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2021.12.09 10:36 alexnes11 Binance to seek FCA approval

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2021.12.09 10:36 tw_bot The Future Tech Awards return for 2022 - What Hi-Fi?

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2021.12.09 10:36 gonzo_rulz Help with Python Expressions

I know absoultely NOTHING about Python which means I have a problem that I'm hoping you lovely folk here could help me with.
I am using a modding program to extract some data (images/textures) from a game. The program gives me a list of files and folders in the games data similar to a Windows Explorer File Tree
Below this is a box that says "Filter (Python Epxression Syntax)" and has ^.*$ as the default (show all) expression.
I would like to use this filter box to only show me the files that have an extention of ".ddsc"
My question to you is how do I take what would be *.ddsc (or even *skin*.ddsc to be more specific with the filename) in command prompt and convert that to a Python Syntax.
Thanks for any help you can provide me with.
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2021.12.09 10:36 AudiSales ✨Glitter Finance X MAXX Capital Ventures✨

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2021.12.09 10:36 BruhMoment69420op What happens next? Wrong answers only

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2021.12.09 10:36 Wiener_Dogs_ Favorite Twitch Emote & Why.

What's your favorite emote out of these six options?
View Poll
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2021.12.09 10:36 tw_bot Sony teases 4K OLED microdisplay for VR, discusses future of PS5 3D audio - What Hi-Fi?

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2021.12.09 10:36 joebloggs3562 I've tried everywhere can't find spore PRINTS. Everywhere just has the syringes.

I need a spore print for discreetness, but all UK vendors seem to only have the syringes. Does anyone know a vendors for the prints?
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2021.12.09 10:36 d3bAU4 Reality Check: I Hate Models x FEMUR (TRACKLIST ID)

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2021.12.09 10:36 shahrouri77 I can't study. But I can work!

i found this out about myself quite recently actually. I can write essays, work on a project, do research, code, for hours on end. but tell me to study some notes or watch videos for a physics exam and I find that I can't focus at all. I'm really oblivious as to why that is. any ideas?
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2021.12.09 10:36 Moist_Flan_1159 What is so good about Soulcalibur?

So I bought Soulcalibur the other day because it had such rave reviews and universal acclaim. I played it once briefly and I just thought it was a quality 3D fighter made at a time when the genre was relatively new and most of them were poor quality i.e it was innovative but hardly a ‘desert island’ game . Then I looked at the moves list and my god is it long, like there are like 20 moves for each button then as many for button combinations, learning them would almost be like learning a second language. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to get more into it and try to understand but from a quick play, I just don’t understand the hype surrounding this game.
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2021.12.09 10:36 flytraphippie Revel Gang Range Test Reconnaissance

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2021.12.09 10:36 AvromRomRom זה היה ב 2019...

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2021.12.09 10:36 HvzDev xd

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2021.12.09 10:36 Jbrahmz420 FT: HA Heavy Ball Gligar w/ Egg Movea, Level Ball Cyndaquil, Love Ball Misdreavous / LF: HA Voltorb, HA Illumise/Volbeat w/ Egg Moves

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2021.12.09 10:36 TheConetiks Free Retro 80s Type Beat | 80s R&b Type Beat | Chill Future Soul Type Beat

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2021.12.09 10:36 thawingSumTendies Two Free Stocks for Investing with Wealthsimple Trade 🇨🇦 Code: HA91EG :)

I’ve been using the app for over a year now. Before Wealthsimple, there wasn’t any brokerages in Canada that allowed us to buy/sell stock for free.
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It also lacks more advanced tools like options and margin but that won’t matter for the average investor who just wants to buy and hold stocks or ETFs.
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Code: HA91EG
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2021.12.09 10:36 irfandavazli Kyoto After Midnight / After Midnight

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