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ROAR, you look yummy! Velvety Flocked Kitty! 100% Money Back Guarantee!

2021.12.09 09:29 gmmosh ROAR, you look yummy! Velvety Flocked Kitty! 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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2021.12.09 09:29 olafian98 [H] TB Deep Green [W] SF Arcana + Adds

add me to discuss for other offers
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2021.12.09 09:29 WOTWUZTHAT Why Devin is My Favorite Character: A Thoughts and Opinions Birthday Reprise

Hey everyone. This is WOTWUZTHAT, creator of The Re-Ridonculing and the CEO of 6teen. And if you're a true OG, you most likely remember when I did the "Thoughts and Opinions On..." series, back in the early days of this year. And without a doubt...Devin's post that series (or the second one, anyway) was renowned as one of the absolute best. It's a post that even now I keep going back to, especially to share my opinions in your average "who is your favorite character" thread.
As time has gone on since the series, we've finally landed on Devin's birthday - a day I've been waiting for since I first joined the sub. And I have a lot planned for today (at least by Reddit-posting standards). And to kick today off...I'm gonna re-release that famous "Thoughts and Opinions" essay on Devin many of you have seen before. So many of my friends have seen it as a shining moment for me, and on this wonderful day, there's no better way for me to show appreciation to such an underrated, lovable character. Here we go...
If I had to summarize why Devin became my favorite character, I'd have to say that when I rewatched the season due to quarantine blues...I just found his presence so uplifting. He's one of those characters that just always manages to bring me joy, even if he's not the most popular.
So why is that? Well to start with, for my money he's the funniest character in all of Ridonculous Race. Throughout the season he has so many hilarious moments and quotes it's unbelievable...

I could go on...
The other main reason he became my favorite is because despite his flaws, he's shown to be a genuinely good person. Sure he can be utterly oblivious at some moments and he definitely did have his moments of acting out, but most of the time he was an absolute sweetheart, being a very good friend to Carrie and also having some great interactions with the rest of the cast. Even in spite of his oblivious nature, Devin is one of those characters who I'd love to have as a friend in real life.
Not to mention, I'll be damned if there was a character I felt more sorry for than this one. There are so many times where he's subjected to all manner of physical abuse and humiliation, both from the challenges and the other racers, and there's a lot to imply his relationship with Shelley is...not exactly healthy (despite his clear loyalty towards her). There were a LOT of moments where I pitied him, but ESPECIALLY after the switcheroo, where he's trying his absolute hardest to win Carrie's affections, yet fate itself just seems to be against him. It all culminated in the scene at the end of his final episode, where the writers decided to have him get knocked off a cliff after all his suffering because...literally can ANYONE tell me why? Because I don't get it.
And now, Serious Mode...
Though in spite of that nasty ending, I'd have to say the final main reason Devin became my favorite is the same reason LTIBA became my favorite episode...in that his final confession may just be my favorite moment in all of animation. Sure there are shows I like more, even from FreshTV...but that moment just expresses everything I love about Total Drama in less than a minute. Despite all the pain these teenagers go through, they are driven little buggers who will do anything not just to win, but to do what makes them, and others they care about, happy. To me, that's always been the essence of Total Drama.
*copy-paste ends here, going onto new details*
Honestly, that moment is what made me go back and look past on all of Devin's great moments. Every time he made me smile and laugh, every moment his attachment to Carrie warmed my heart, all of that just made me realize how much I genuinely cared about this character...moreso than I ever would've expected. He's not just 'another Trent' like some people seem to think. He's one of the most emotionally expressive, kindhearted and caring dudes I've ever seen in fiction. That's why it's so painful for me when I see the TDRR cast get overlooked and ignored so much. This cast is full of amazing, intriguing characters with so much more depth than people realize. I know a lot of people got turned off by the flaws of All-Stars and Pahkitew Island, but I still think people who haven't seen TDRR yet should give it a shot. Who knows? They might be surprised.
*cue triumphant emotional music*
Honestly, though...the biggest reason that I love Devin? He's just a massive source of joy and comfort for me in these really rough times. With all this quarantine going on in Britain, I've dealt with a ton of stress, not being able to see my family members and having to deal with all my worries and anxieties regarding this stupid pandemic. Devin, though? He helps me forget about all of that pain. All his funny moments and heartwarming moments have provided me with a lot of happiness and laughter despite everything else going on. It's also a source of inspiration for me to better myself...and to never lose hope. Despite everything the writers put Devin through, he still kept trying to make Carrie happy. He never lost hope. And that is something that is hugely emotionally comforting to me. I want to be someone with all of that dedication and kindness. If Stephanie is the Total Drama character I fear I might become, Devin is the Total Drama character I aspire to become.
Total Drama...even with episodes like "Sundae Cruddy Sundae" and "Lies, Cries and One Big WHY", I still can't deny how much it's done for some of us. To me, even now, it's a wonderful, amazing show. And Devin, I think, is all of its strengths culminated into one incredible character. He's the one who best embodies all of the shows' greatest strengths to me. He's funny, he's caring, he's dedicated, he's part of one of my favorite ever romance arcs, and he's been there for me in some of my absolute roughest times. I understand if some of you might not find him as interesting as other characters. I understand if you might prefer Carrie or the Sisters or whoever. And I don't mean to force people to change their opinions. But...I do hope that my posts here have helped you guys to get a better outlook on a character like Devin. Because I think he's just a beautifully-written, incredible character who deserves so much more love than he gets. He's just one of the strongest forces of positivity in my life right now, and even if he never makes a return, he's someone I'm so happy to have seen in Total Drama's history. Whatever happens for Total Drama next, whoever is introduced in the new seasons...I'm glad we got Devin.
TL;DR: I don't think I'd be the woman I am now without Devin.
And that's that. My full thoughts on Devin, and just why he's my favorite character. It was long, but it told the absolute truth on how I feel. I've talked before about how Caitlin Cooke from 6teen quite possibly saved my life in 2019...but, Devin was the one who brought me happiness in a dark time, and in many ways, he's the reason I'm still here too. Hell...Devin's responsible for so many of the friendships I've made on here, thanks to the Derrie Gang. So many wonderful people. u/Poely001, u/mywaifuisannette, u/je_we_l, u/CherGlamour, u/Mdj_7, u/Particular_Being_269...and I'd be remiss to forget u/Glamouriffic. Them, and so, SO many more. It was all thanks to Devin. And...all this closeness I feel to this lovable simp...I've actually been considering moving him up to the NUMBER TWO spot on my all-time favorite characters list. He's just become so meaningful to me...and again, without him, I dunno where the hell I'd be. I feel like I never would've met so many fantastic people, giving me the friends I always wanted in this pandemic, if not for him.
Well...now I'm done. And I hope this all helped you learn why I appreciate Devin so much. Thank you all so much for reading, and remember, life goes on!
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2021.12.09 09:29 Z4DB Does anyone have an educated guess on when the update will come out?

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2021.12.09 09:29 Secure_Candy6472 It was at this moment they knew they were fucked

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2021.12.09 09:29 SxJxT little boy

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2021.12.09 09:29 ShotBot Unpopular opinion: If speaking the truth is "toxic Bitcoin maximalism", then us Bitcoin maximalists aren't toxic enough!

Bitcoin maximalism is rationalism, not toxic. You know what is toxic? Unsound money.
We need to be pushing back harder against the shitcoin scams that are popping up. They are increasingly becoming a giant distraction against the one technology that can save humanity from the jaws of fiat money, which is Bitcoin.
So what constitutes as a "Shitcoin scam"?

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2021.12.09 09:29 AmarrySilva Que cena maravilhosa, gozei demais , que mulher gostosa!!!

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2021.12.09 09:29 Hitbtc_Team NULS is now available on HitBTC!

Dear Traders,
We have successfully added NULS to our platform.
NULS is a microservices-driven blockchain project that uses the Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus mechanism (dPoS plus credit rating) to mine via staking.
Trade $NULS against $BTC and $USDT, visit: https://hitbtc.com/nuls-to-btc
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2021.12.09 09:29 All_GurziWorld 8j5Qoi4 Bonus code $90 free cash Bingo Clash Pocket 7 Games

8j5Qoi4 Bonus code $90 free cash Bingo Clash Pocket 7 Games
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2021.12.09 09:29 Far_Ad_748 I like this uptade

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2021.12.09 09:29 Davizaojooj Log 33? Where are the entities in level 3?

Hi, someone that is happy here! So in my last log I ranted about my situation in here but it isn’t that bad, there are no entities! Don’t get me wrong it is still level 3 and there is still that toxic liquid but there aren’t clumps trying to end my life.
So I will leave to level 4 as soon as possible so I can survive and not get third degree burns and hopefully I get to kill someo… WAIT, again? I didn’t thyme this, I blacked out for a moment, what is going on with me I don’t want to do this…
But that is it, bye and have a nice day in the frontrooms…
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2021.12.09 09:29 realgeneral_memeous Life, finds a way… to make my bio exams hard as shit

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2021.12.09 09:29 KashiiRei Piece of the manga im developing. (:

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2021.12.09 09:29 jaykitsune anyone willing to host a cubchoo raid?

i removed this from the raid megathread, but i'm still looking to add a cubchoo to my pokedex. thank you!
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2021.12.09 09:29 DGZ_BF Please help me fix this,ive been trying to repair it by myself and nothing worked

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2021.12.09 09:29 VerdinDaniel The Moon Monsters on Twitter: New NFT project account's NFTGiveaway TheMoonMonsters are giving away 250 Pre-Sale WL spots and 1 Apple Watch Series 3 to a person!

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2021.12.09 09:29 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.09 09:29 SnowCatPV Taking down the tree by BlackbloodQueen

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2021.12.09 09:29 seizan8 Update #7 - Minor improvements and fixes


Steam Announcement
Steam Forum
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2021.12.09 09:29 _-KOIOS-_ This guy is scared of me.

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2021.12.09 09:29 Markotron3000 Climb down Petřín Lookout Tower | Prague

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2021.12.09 09:29 EbtCon Insight?

Hello all,
I recently purchased 5 items all ranging from $20-30 ,this was on the 5th total price came out to $85 as time goes on I was charged 85 for everything I got notified that my orders shipped out in two different emails so one item shipped then the rest. They are estimated to arrive later today but I noticed on my bank hot topic only charged me for 16$ ?? And I go back to check my emails and orders to make sure they weren’t randomly out of stock but no it says I have everything coming in?? .-. Why did they only charge me 16$
The items were on sale but I also used the 30% off promo , is this an error on their side ? Cause my bank reflects 16$ being the max charged
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2021.12.09 09:29 ModishAndElegantPony I hate how badly Ashley Williams was treated by the writers in Mass Effect 3.

After watching another playthrough of ME3 I can't help but feel like some of the writers have a hate boner for Ash.
Throughout the game Ash is written as "naggy", rude, and incompetent. Hell even in the Citadel DLC she's blatantly insulted by both Joker and Traynor. Hell its been established that Ashley has NEVER trusted Udina but she's willing to trust Udina over Shepard in that critical moment?
This is made worse by the fact that Traynor is just a complete newbie and has no right to criticize Ashley after everything she's been through. Like I'm not a big fan of Ash and I love Traynor but IRL I honestly would have been tempted to tell Traynor to shut up during that exchange.
Not to mention that Ash barely has any interactions on the Normandy and he most notable moment on the ship is her passed out on the floor drunk. Like Writers was the supposed to be endearing? It COULD be endearing if Ash wasn't portrayed as not doing much of anything during her entire time on the ME3 Normandy.
Like.. I'm glad Kaiden was a lot better written in ME3 but it feels like it was a monkey's paw situation.
Player: "Dear Bioware, I wish Kaiden was a lot more interesting and likable!"
Bioware: "Deal, but in exchange, we're going to completely shit on Ashley and diminish her likability. KAYTHANXBYEEEEE!!"
As someone who isn't an Ashley fan even from ME1 even, I believe they did Ash dirty.
What makes it worse for me is because I absolutely love her voice actress (Kimberly Brooks).
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2021.12.09 09:29 flowerbaumb I know everything ain’t what it seems on the Internet but the guys really looked happy last night on IG Live. I tuned in the whole time and it was really great to see them interacting with the fans and the fans showing them so much genuine love. Proud of them!Salute 💯

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