CytoDyn Submits Protocol with the FDA for Phase 3 Registrational Trial of Leronlimab for Critically Ill COVID-19 Population

2021.12.09 11:03 Diligent_Cause CytoDyn Submits Protocol with the FDA for Phase 3 Registrational Trial of Leronlimab for Critically Ill COVID-19 Population
During recent discussions with the FDA, the agency suggested that developing leronlimab for critically ill COVID-19 patients in current situation in U.S. appears feasible
VANCOUVER, Washington--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CytoDyn Inc. (OTCQB: CYDY) (“CytoDyn” or the “Company”), a late-stage biotechnology company developing leronlimab, a CCR5 antagonist with the potential for multiple therapeutic indications, today announced that it has submitted a Phase 3, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) to evaluate the efficacy and safety of leronlimab in combination with standard of care for critically ill patients with COVID-19 pneumonia with need for invasive mechanical ventilation ("IMV”) or Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (“ECMO”).
In CytoDyn’s recent discussions with the FDA regarding potential marketing approval of leronlimab for critically ill COVID-19 population, the agency stated: “While there are currently fewer U.S. patients hospitalized for COVID-19 daily in the U.S. compared to when you submitted your initial request for an expanded access protocol in August 2021, the CDC reports that 38,332 patients were hospitalized daily in the U.S. during the week of November 7th-13th, 2021. In this context, conducting a clinical trial in the U.S. that could support marketing approval of leronlimab for the treatment of critically ill patients with COVID-19 appears feasible.”
If approved by the FDA, patients in this trial will be randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive up to four doses of 700 mg leronlimab with standard of care or placebo with standard of care administered by 30-minute IV infusion weekly over a four-week treatment period.
The subgroup analyses of 62 critically ill patients in the past Phase 3 CD12 trial for severe-to-critically ill population in the U.S. showed an 82% survival benefit at Day 14 after two doses of leronlimab on Day 0 and Day 7 (Odd Ratio 0.09 (CI 0.01, 0.72), p-value 0.0233) vs. standard of care plus placebo. The survival benefit fell from 82% to 30% after four weeks.
Nitya Ray, Ph.D., CytoDyn’s Chief Operating and Technology Officer, commented, “We expect further improvement in survival benefit in the new study with four weekly doses of leronlimab delivered by IV infusion. With IV dosing, the bioavailability and peak serum concentration of leronlimab will be much better compared to subcutaneous (“SC”) dosing. Furthermore, while the maximum serum concentration is achieved in less than two hours for IV infusion, it takes two to three days to reach the peak concentration in a SC setting. This is crucial in our view, especially for the critically ill patients who are on IMV or ECMO when every moment counts.”
Nader Pourhassan, Ph.D., CytoDyn’s President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Entering Phase 3 of the developmental trial is an exciting opportunity as we further explore leronlimab’s viability as a treatment option for critically ill COVID-19 patients. We are optimistic that the new trial with 4 dosages of leronlimab instead of the previous trial with 2 dosages will have much better outcome. We are very proud of our COVID-19 development team conducting two Phase 3 trials in Brazil while pursuing two more in the U.S. (critically ill and long-haulers). We have worked very hard to place our Company in a solid position in areas of HIV, Cancer, NASH, and COVID-19 and 2022 we believe will be a great year for us.”
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2021.12.09 11:03 UngaBunga_Official Regarding the characters of wild rift

I'm fairly new to this game and wanted to know, what are the most fun characters to play in this game? Any recommendations?
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2021.12.09 11:03 stolid619 Spider man + miles morales ultimate

I’m about to read the run leading to secret wars 2015 , so I’ll be reading Hickmans avengers + new avengers etc etc but I’m not familiar with the ultimate universe, I would like to read some modern Spider-Man and miles morales Spider-Man ( I’m pretty unfamiliar with him as far as comics go) but don’t think I want to read the whole ultimate universe as it’s quite lengthy.
So for Spider-Man in the ultimate universe do I just read ultimate Spider-Man ? And where exactly do I start with miles as I’ve never read any of his comics.
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2021.12.09 11:03 matthewgcw The Official Match Card for Survivor Series! Where John Cena and The Rock team together again, and will Chad Gable, Montez Ford and Thaddeus Bullard win their 1st World Titles?

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2021.12.09 11:03 icanhasnoodlez I used superglue to glue back the tip of my shoe that was peeling off and painters tape to hold it in place. How do I remove the residue ?

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2021.12.09 11:03 LauraDragonchild Curse of the Mistwraith Read-along Chapters 15 and 16

Welcome to the 8th part of our Curse of the Mistwraith read-along. Today we'll be diving into Chapters 15 and 16
Here we get to meet the clans in Strakewood. What do you think about them and Steiven?
And how about Arithon's behaviour and the clan's reaction?
Or the ladies in these chapters? Talith, Lirenda and especially Elaira?
We also get the first insight into Morriel’s character. Any thoughts about that?

And in case any of you would like to discuss the finer points:
Which of those deep insights revealed in the conversation between Elaira and Morriel do you suspect will play out, and how, in the coming course of the series? Which observation do you think is 'right' - which do you trust?
In Chapter 16 - “My sword, you’ll recall, is now wedded to the cause of a kingdom.” Did you note the confirmation that Arithon has already surrendered his personal preference? “if, if, if!” The choice was never his. That is what he believes. But is that really so?
And concerning Desh-thiere's bid for coercion: “Where opening did not already exist, the creature could not have gained foothold.” - Does this make you wonder about the integrity of Lysaer's character?

Any questions? Or perhaps other points you'd like us to discuss?


Chapter Set 15
The last of the storms Kharadmon released encountered the fierce darkness of Arithon’s shadows and for a while, nature got warped and snow fell in green spring.
After three days and two nights of blind flight, Arithon is intercepted by Steiven’s scouts and taken to the barbarian encampment where Lord Steiven already awaits him. He is given the welcome and acknowledgment of a rightful ruler by the clan chieftain and his followers.
Arithon is shaken, bone-tired, and his effort make his newly found caithdein understand that he neither desires nor welcomes his title and inheritance, but his arguments fall on deaf ears. The gathered chieftains insist their destiny is to defend their liege. And Etarra will rise against the clans regardless of whether Arithon is sheltered among them or not. The prince’s choice is simple: forsake the clans and allow them to die for an empty title or make a stand with them and grant them the meaningful purpose of dying for a living sovereign.
None of Arithon’s protests move them. Not his confession of being a bastard, nor the fact he is cursed by Deshtiere! The only one who holds trepidation is Caolle, the clan's veteran war captain, but even his reserve cannot turn Steiven’s set course. Take note of Caolle as a character to watch!
Arithon’s objections are obliterated by the caithdein, leaving him cornered with no escape. Even the corpse of the girl child that Arithon had carried in his arms throughout his flight, perished of injuries sustained while enslaved in Etarra’s warehouses firms the reason the clans’ stand to fight. Townsmen have held the clansmen’s lives cheaply since centuries before the prince’s birth, and for less cause than seizing children for forced labor.
Cornered and exhausted, finally told that Steiven has already foreseen the time and manner of his death (in the coming battle, this is implied), Arithon has no choice but to bend in agreement. While his needs are attended, the war council plans and launches the muster for war that very night.
Of note in this encounter are the reactions of Halliron, present in his standing as Athera's Masterbard during Arithon’s arrival. Due to the training of his office, he pays keen attention to the prince’s reactions and notices small details that redouble his watchful observation.
The clans relocate east of the Tal Quorin river, with the utmost urgency, to prepare the ground for their stand against Etarra’s troops. Their camp is broken before dawn. Their life is hard, and the customs born of necessity for survival are even harder. Any person unfit for travel would normally be given a mercy stroke and abandoned where they lay. since litters for the wounded or the infirm pose a hindrance to those still hale. And Arithon is not fit for travel! After 3 days of flight with no rest, he falls asleep despite his best attempt to to keep pace, he tumbles from the saddle, forcing the scouts to haul him as dead weight. Despised for his weakness, he is left behind to recuperate with the pregnant women and young children, who move at a slower pace than the advance party with the warband.
Aware of the clans’ contempt for him, Arithon decides to reinforce it, exaggerating his delicacy and pretending complete ignorance to life in the wilds. He aims to drive home the impression of uselessness - both to provoke the clans to disown him, and also to mask his attributes as a trained asset. He also needs to seize time in strict privacy to enable to a scrying with tienelle to seek better odds on the outcome for the upcoming battle. Once Etarra’s invasion had been repulsed, he hopes the disdain of the clan chieftains will drive them to release him from the blood bonds of sovereigity, for the clans would be burdened by a useless addle-headed dreamer for their king! (Take note, for future volumes, here: that Arithon is very likely assuming a great deal concerning the purpose of his heritage, and the supposition he is playing on may not line up with the actual functions he would serve as fully crowned sovereign.)
Through the next days of travel, Arithon immerses himself in play with the children and even carves them whistles, to the fury and dismay of the women, who fear undue noise will draw the head-hunters upon them. They are all unaware aware that Arithon had already set precautions against that: wards of protection and others, to mute noise. All along, he has not been walking aimlessly through the forest but using his training from Rauven's mages to maintain everyone's safety. Halliron alone pierces the mask of foolishness that Arithon has projected. Suspecting the prince is more than he seems, and charged by his calling to bear witness to history, the masterbard remains with the clans and bears close watch on the prince whenever the occasion arises. He notices Arithon’s love for music, and studies his resentment and intention, until one moment, catching Arithon unawares, he discovers the fact that this prince has been mage trained - more, that Arithon is also putting to use what he knows to safeguard the clan women and children - without anyone knowing.
A brief confrontation sparks when Arithon discovers the Masterbard has caught him out. Arithon's response - you will have grasped by now - is prickly to drive off the masterbard's curiosity and worse: the ability to perceive his true self, and the intense need to allow that intimacy from a fellow musician. The pain driven exchange almost fools Halliron -but not quite. He emphatically grasps that this prince regards him as a threat and is irked for not being able to uncover the reason.
Upon arrival into the valley of Tal Quorin, Arithon Teir’s’Ffalenn receives oath of fealty from the clans, despite rebellious mutters of contempt, and open gossip over the prince’s weakness. The discourtesies and sullen resentment are cut short by Steiven, who must hope that his liege will snap out of his unseemly brooding and shoulder his heritage.

Etarra prepared for war. The forges are hammering out weapons and armour, while recruits are drilled for the assault. Talk of war is on everyone’s lips and the high born elite are left side-lined. To compensate they throw frenzied parties, burying themselves in fawning admirers and wild escapades.
Talith and her brother Diegan, who would have been front and center at every frivolity in the past, now find them silly before the gravity of the coming conflict. Talith yearns for Lysaer’s presence, for his humour that didn’t belittle and his air of controlled power not bought through brutish intrigues and bribes.
Lysaer finds her taking the air on a balcony outside the festivities, the night before the army marches out. Through an intimate exchange, he confesses his fear of failing to kill his half-brother. Note how well-set his intention has become. How right and just the cause is! He displays the deep hatred for the s’Ffalenn line as he relates his personal memories from Dascen Elur! And note Talith’s relief when she realizes he is not posturing for favor: the prince actually cares for her well-being and her happiness! This straightforward admission is a novel, and while she feels it worth following through, Lysaer defers her. The war must come first, and her interest must wait until afterward, when he has standing to offer her his undivided attention.
At Narms, Elaira is summoned before the Prime and Lirenda and is informed that Lysaer has roused Etarra to war and has marched with an army ten thousand strong to hunt down the clans and Arithon. She is shown through scried images that Tal Quorin’s banks have been riddled with death-traps by the barbarians and is thrown the reverse, that her visit to Asandir had not escaped the Prime’s notice after all.
To wrest that misdemeanor to the order's advantage, Elaira is ordered to fashion a clear recall of each of the princes, a precise enough view to open the insight into their personal characters. The spells used to unmask such a deep sounding are perilous: the intimacy exposed to view often bind the participant to the subject under study through bonds of emotion and insight, inciting sympathy nearly impossible to deny. The experience might even overwhelm Elaira’s spirit completely, but a prime's direct order cannot be deined. The Koriani owns Elaira, flesh and mind, and disobedience to the Prime's will would invite her destruction.
Note the conversation between Lirenda and the Prime, while Elaira prepares for trance. The Prime is fully aware that the ritual of clear recall is bound to deepen Elaira’s feelings for Arithon and spoil her future career in the order. Even ruined, Elaira poses a valuable tool, a window into Arithon’s character that will be desperately needed later on. The flawed instrument she becomes can serve as no other can, before the day comes when she will be driven to break and forsake her vows.
This scene opens the first insight into Morriel’s character. Old and weary, terrified to become the first Prime to meet death without the necessity of a trained successor, she regards Lirenda, the 43rd candidate to her office, as a mere cipher. Her attached interest in the particulars of any candidate, and any affection for them, had died with the first one to fail.
Under the narcotic given to enhance her awareness, Elaira exerts her powers of recall to open a memory of Arithon first. She chooses the moment when Arithon was entertaining the street children with the shadow-wrought brigantine, unaware he was being observed. The infallible accuracy of Elaira's insight unveils Arithon’s vulnerable inner heart.
Contemplating the opening to bring him down, Lirenda suggests that “killing will unman him, for s’Ffalenn conscience must force him over time to back down.” But Morriel focuses on his hands before his eyes. She suggests the deceit Arithon so easily displays is rooted in the gift of true farsight from the s’Ahelas royal line.
Next, Elaira displays an image of Lysaer in the garden, caught in an introspective moment of soul-rending self-distaste. Both Lirenda and Morriel grasp how s’Ilessid justice wars with the propensity for s’Ahelas farsight. Both recognize how Desh-thiere’s influence choke Lysaer's character, until pity and mercy seem absent.
Both Morriel and Lirenda are convinced that Arithon is the more dangerous due to an incompatible legacy that leaves his mind fatally flawed. But Elaira insists they are wrong. She reckons Lysaer's flawed nature as the greater peril, as charisma, coupled with his ingrained bias towards noble principles are powerful incentives the prince will wield to inspire a fanatical following.
But her fears are dismissed. Lysaer’s course is deemed predictable by the Prime, and what can be anticipated can also be controlled and prevented. Arithon’s actions, in turn, pose a wild card, an 'incompatible legacy' born of two royal gifts, which in Morriel’s opinion, makes him far more dangerous. Elaira insists: "He is conscious of his actions as Lysaer can never be"
Take particular note of the statement as Morriel agrees: "Which is precisely what makes him dangerous....Lysaer's sense of justice and farsight will answer to logic, and therefore be reconciled by compromise. But since when can (Arithon's) compassion ever be made to condone pain: S'Ahelas blood gives Arithon full grasp of cause and effect; mage training compounds this with awareness of the forward reactions of power. These traits aligned against the s'Ffalenn gift of sympathetic empathy cancels the mind's self-defenses. The shelter of petty hatred becomes untenable. Arithon is a visionary placed at the nexus of responsibility. Desh-thiere's curse will embroil him in violence he can neither escape nor master. Stress will prove his undoing, for the sensitivities of poets have ever been frail, and the broadened span of his thinking shall but inflame and haunt him to madness."
And Elaira's response: "you're mistaken." Based on her recall of the whiplash resilience the living man had possessed, "As Ath is my witness, the conclusion you've drawn from this is wrong."
Which observation is 'right' - which do you trust? Which of these deep insights will play out, and how, in the coming course of the series?
Note Elaira’s regret and guilt at the end of this chapter. By exposing Arithon's private self in attempt to win Arithon’s protection from the consuming threat of her order's interest, in sad fact, she may have betrayed him by unwittingly providing her Order with a powerful weapon against him.
Lirenda’s dreams are haunted by s’Ffalenn green eyes, deep with a compassion expressive enough to leave her weeping and desolate till dawn.
Deshir’s clansmen continue building traps in the marshes flanking Tal Quorin while their prince is conspicuously absent. Young Jieret takes it upon himself to pursue the mystery of the prince’s behavior.
The caravan master who had been paid with one of Rathain’s crown jewels by Arithon is perplexed, wondering why he decided to just hand over the jewel when Sethvir simply asked for it.

Chapter Set 16
In a solitary forest glen, removed from the clan’s activities, Arithon fasts in trance for twelve uninterrupted hours, to prepare himself for deep scrying. Given the means to tap prescient visions through Rauven’s teaching and the narcotic herb tienelle filched from Sethvir, he resolves to ensure no lives would be needlessly endangered by casting his mind into a review of all possible futures.
He knows from trained experience that trance under influence of tienelle should never be attempted while alone, since the poisonous side effects can become too dangerous to manage without help. Yet Arithon disregards the grave risks. “The endangerment to Rathain’s feal vassals must be shouldered, while every minute the temptation to take and twist clan trust into a weapon to bring down Lysaer ate like a darkness at his heart.” – Important! Arithon is well aware the curse is trying force itself over free will. His fight to prevent it is a constant threat.
The the visions begin, showing reeling holocaust Fire, smoke and death pervade all possible futures! He sees clan children executed, corpses and rivers of spilled blood! Caolle’s prudently laid strategy will yield nothing but disaster! Arithon searches through thousands of alternate outcomes, but every single one leads to ruin! Left to their own resource, he finds the clans will be destined for slaughter to last man!
Traumatized by unbearable grief for their sacrifice (and driven by his royal empathy), Arithon decides! He lays his dreams of peace and music aside; he rejects the outcome he survived on Dascen Elur! He will ”give his whole mind and bend the talents his grandfather had nurtured to full-scale killing.” He tests new strategies contributing magecraft and shadow mastery to turn the slaughter aside; the tests housands of variations that brooked no conscience. He counts the dead closing his heart to sorrow, while he weighs and recombines the results of each chain of possible happenstance, until he forges an alternate path. “Only a scant third of Steiven’s clansmen could be kept alive”, but the third is still better than none. “Bitterness squeezed his heart for what felt like a tragic failure… How could a prince, mage or otherwise, brook the scale of such sacrifice?” Etarra would suffer even greater losses, for a small reprieve that still would be devastating!
With the scrying completed and strategy set, wrung to sickness by the herb's side effects, Arithon remains in the glen, physically worn and scarcely fit to surmount and clear the toxic residue left by the tienelle from his body. He is still torn open, and sensitive to visions, when Jieret waylays him. Arithon strives to handle the encounter with tact, aware he is in no condition to do so. The boy has mettle enough to provoke, aware of the contempt of his elders. He tries to swear fealty to Arithon and annoyed at being refused due to his young age, he justifies his worthiness by shaming his liege over the strength of clansmen, who will not hesitate to dispatch their daughters into the conflict. The mention hurls Arithon into prescience and he foresees the horrific, violent death of every single clan woman and daughter.
Determined to prevent this fresh disaster, Arithon musters his strength to seek Steiven. Asked to wait for him in his tent and, struggling to curb his dark thoughts and fight the ongoing withdrawal from the tienelle's toxins, he resorts to the solace of playing Halliron’s lyrante.
Halliron overhears, and is furious: “Did you lack the guts not to speak to me beforehand?” Arithon’s apology and promise that he won’t meddle with the lyranthe only inflame Halliron’s wrath. He is not angry because the prince had touched his lyranthe but because he has hidden a rare talent for music. “I say it here, you’ve no right to see that strangled.” “My sword, you’ll recall, is now wedded to the cause of a kingdom.” – Note the confirmation that Arithon has already surrendered his personal preference. “if, if, if!” The choice was never his. Or so he believes.
With little time left before the tienelle withdrawal will drive him unconscious, Arithon meets Steiven and Caolle and straight out orders them to change tactics. He drops the act of “womanish daydreamer” act and forces full disclosure of the mage and shadow master kept hidden. He warns of the peril to the women, proven out by his scrying and demands to take an active part in the battle. He manages to outline his revised strategy before Steiven is called to attend to Jieret who has been overcome by his inherited gift of foresight, and beheld the same vision of slaughter witnessed by Arithon. Twice warned, Steiven and Caolle decide to follow Arithon’s change of tactics.
But the small victory comes at a cost: even Caolle has been forced to recognize with Arithon's true mettle. Although he succumbed to the tienelle poisoning, the collapse had not been due to weakness. The strength and determination demonstrated through their prince's recovery forever shreds image of the “useless dreamer” beyond salvage.
Asandir, Kharadmon and the Mad Prophet scale Rockfell Peak and imprison the flask containing Desh-thiere deep within the mountain.
A seemingly insignificant conversation over the 'dangers' (are they real?) of climbing the peak evolve into deeper matters: Take note of Dakar’s outspoken resentment at the mages for sacrificing Lysaer, whom he considered a friend: “you used a good man and then broke him.”
There is a lot to unpack here, when Kharadmon's silence on the subject provokes Dakar to pry, "You don't agree." Kharadmon responds obliquely, and the question he asks broaches a MAJOR clue to the Fellowship's moral stance: "You have seen how Asandir take deer for the supper pot." And Dakar's peevish, but truthful response: "he never hunts anything I ever saw....Asandir just goes out and sits in a thicket somewhere. Eventually a buck happens along, lies down, and dies for him." Kharadmon's truthful clarification opens up a lot of insight for later: "HE PROJECTS HIS NEED ANS ASKS. The deer chooses FREELY and its fate and man's hunger end in BALANCE." As the conversation swings back to Lysaer's apparent 'betrayal' Kharadmon’s clarification is deeply significant. “Your prince answered circumstance according to his innate character. The Fellowship imposed nothing outside his natural will and intentions.” And concerning Desh-thiere's bid for coercion: “Where opening did not already exist, the creature could not have gained foothold.” “But Sethvir as much as admitted the s’Illesid inborn gift was at fault. Had Lysaer not been driven to seek perfect justice, the wraith would have found nothing to exploit.” “If so, our Fellowship has a reckoning to answer for.” – Were the Fellowship wrong? Did they err this gravely? Kharadmon states: “We are permitted our mistakes…" How far have events gone astray? Or have they not gone astray at all, is there a greater balance in play, and if so, is it, or isn't it jeopardized? HOW FAR DO THE FELLOWSHIP SEE?
The subchapter progresses into the sequence of unlocking the defenses that secure Rocfell's wardings. The reader is shown all of this through Dakar's observation: mostly in external detail....what you see here as surface description - far more is going on, and expect that the series will, in due time, delve down into the layers later on, and you will grasp, in full measure, on all levels, exactly what is happening. The magic shown here is not 'handwavy' but actually founded on an extrapolation based upon resonant physics. Note at the finish how restless Desh-thiere’s wraiths are within their confinement, ”awaiting the vengeance curse laid on two half-brothers to burgeon into bloodshed and war."

Unsettled since the character scrying, Elaira is determined to redress her wrong, since her vision, allowed the Prime Circle the opening to pursue Arithon’s fate. His moves are to be exhaustively tracked, with Koriani policy primed to disadvantage him wherever he can be hampered. Heartsore and unwiling to let that happen, she means to send warning to Sethvir, that Arithon can be protected. The act would be a direct betrayal to her Order, but Elaira resolves to risk the dire consequences.
We learn that she was taken into service to the Koriani as a condemned street child at the age of six, sworn under vows sealed to flesh and permanently recorded by a Koriani focus crystal that gave bound over her free will over into Morriel’s control. Regrets were useless as, Elaira believes her straits as a sisterhood initiate are powerless to revoke. She insists on the subtlety, the Prime may command her obedience, but doesn’t own her in spirit. This narrow grasp of true nature bases her decision to challenge the Order.
Except, she is stopped from following through by Traithe, who waylays her where she aimed to perform the scrying. He offers comfort and eases her doubts, saying the Fellowship is fully aware of Morriel’s obstruction. Further, he advises her to trust Arithon to guard himself against the Prime’s interventions. He relates what happened the first time, when Morriel breached Kieling’s wards through the use of Elaira’s private feelings and describes Arithon’s vicious outrage, and his emphatic counter response.
Arithon is aware Elaira is being treated as a game piece and Traithe ensures that Elaira knows this More, he reveals that Arithon means to defend her: that she is neither alone, nor Morriel’s plaything
What happens between the lines, here, is significant. We already know that the Fellowship will not reveal answers UNLESS THEY ARE ASKED. Is Traithe angling for her to think deeper, here; and if so, is she trapped by her own emotional turmoil when she falls back on the trouble she fell into by visiting Erdane? Why does he rebuke her, for entangling herself in the past, "Never sell yourself so short!"
But if there was an opportunity, it is past. His next line offers what soothing encouragement, and a quittance her limited thinking can accept. “Lady, great heart. .. The love within you is no shame.” The fact he does not discourage her interaction redoubles the meaning behind the warning Traithe grants to Elaira before departing: “… for good or ill, you’re the one spirit alive in this world who will come to know Arithon best. Should your Master of Shadow fail you, or you fail him, the outcome will call down disaster.” Hold this line in mind, it will loom large throughout the entire series.
“And if neither of us fails?” “Ah, lady, we’ve been entrusted with this world and free will, which certainly cancels guarantees.” – If this line is coupled with Kharadmon's lighter conversation (not so light, really) with Dakar concerning a balance based on free will, true autonomy means that nothing is set in stone and no assumption should be taken as given! For the Fellowship, given the foundation of their moral creed (formally called The Law of the Major Balance), the future holds no guarantees!
Lysaer and Diegan decide upon following through with Pesquil’s plan, following the initial battle with destroying the viability of the clan encampments By killing the game and poisoning the springs, they will starve out the survivors and ensure will be no next generation…
The clans under Steiven s’Valerient’s command get ready for battle while Halliron Masterbard plays ballads to inspire them to a valour he grieves will be futile…
Sethvir bends his regards to Rockefell Peak to check the wards for Desh-thiere’s prison and detects no flaws. Though Arithon would be able to unravel them if he built on his training, he is least likely to meddle in foolishness. Therefore, the sorcerer is at ease…

That would be all for today's chapters. But if I missed anything, please let me know. :)
I'm looking forward to your comments, as well as the next chapters in our read.

To see the schedule of this read-along click here.
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2021.12.09 11:03 Retouchess 10 SOL AIRDROP 💲 READ THE COMMENT BELOW👀👇!!!

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2021.12.09 11:03 Lightsurgeon Suffering in comparison: Australia's economic outcomes the worst in 60 years - Michael West Media

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2021.12.09 11:03 paperazichicektender What would you do if you randomly found 10 million dollars?

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2021.12.09 11:03 normpman Lost Animation

I've been hunting down the animated series done by Appsro and the guys known as Action Faction for almost a year and a half now... I managed to scrape the only episode I could find on but the rest are broken or dead links. There are no reuploads, no alternative sites hosting it, and its not available on any of the private trackers I've tried. I'm posting this here hoping one of you have this gem of an animation/ behind the scenes on your hard drive. Let's not let a piece of neebs gaming history vanish forever... Feel free to DM me if you have anything or any leads!
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2021.12.09 11:03 asianaffairss The Special Tribute For COVID-19 Heroes

Unexpectedly, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin inaugurated the COVID-19 Heroes Monument in Bandung, West Java, as a tribute to the people, who succumbed to the COVID-19 infection.
In view of this, almost two years we fought together against the COVID-19 pandemic, and during those two years, they have lost many of their siblings, who passed away in struggle and sacrifice.
The vice president also expressed his deep condolences over the demise of health workers and the community due to COVID-19. Hence, the COVID-19 Heroes Monument is a historic memorial that Indonesia once passed the great predicament of the pandemic crisis, he affirmed.
This COVID-19 Heroes Monument is a reminder that their nation has passed a great test. The Indonesian government and people have trusted each other and came through. The COVID-19 Heroes Monument is located in the Struggle Monument of West Java complex in front of the Gasibu Field, Japati Street.
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2021.12.09 11:03 sebaschavez The average killer experience

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2021.12.09 11:03 Apprehensive-Play336 Do you nap after school?

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2021.12.09 11:03 man049 ___ Man battle royale. Iron Man vs Super Macho Man vs Macho Man vs Superman vs Omni Man vs Mega Man (Marvel vs Punch Out vs Wwe vs Dc vs Image vs Mega Man).

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2021.12.09 11:03 Mightyshadowalker Looking for a lost game

I remember around 2015-2018, I read about a game that had real consequences. It was a kind of medieval game I think, and it was open world. I remember it had a fantasy sounding name when I saw it ( think along the lines of "Ring of Elysium") but I could never remember it. I believe the story I saw was that you were disgraced royalty but anything past that I cant remember. It looked promising at the time, and mentioned something about a proper in game economy you could ruin if you flooded the market. I may be getting some detailed mixed up, but when I see it, I should know it.
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2021.12.09 11:03 khurjabulandt With 2021 coming to an end(and hopefully with it the coronavirus),i would love to hear your 'start over' or 'coming back from a crisis' story.It can raise a lot of our spirits here!

How did you completely f**k your life and still came back with a bang.What was your lowest point in your life and how did you dealt with it.I see a lot of the posts here about how messed up peoples lives are and how theyd rather be dead than dealing with those problems and its just so sad that we don't have any real not-so-phony inspirational stories around.Have a go at this.
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2021.12.09 11:03 lost_souls_journey Exploring Hutchinson Island

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2021.12.09 11:02 CommercialField8989 i was wondering does reddit karma acutally matter i browsed this site with no account for years how much might have i missed

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2021.12.09 11:02 ShortAlgoBear Monitoring for a buy entry on $EM with UltraAlgo.

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2021.12.09 11:02 getmntd_TEAM2021 You got mail. 💌

Get all the important details about future drops—including customs fees and payment methods—sent straight to your inbox. Sign up for the MNTD. newsletter now!
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2021.12.09 11:02 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar Machinecoin (MAC) event: LBank Listing - December 9, 2021

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2021.12.09 11:02 No-Heat-8891 Just joined Upland!

Just joined Upland!
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