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Glastrier touch trade

2021.10.21 02:00 runborg Glastrier touch trade

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2021.10.21 02:00 kimchijjiigae IU

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2021.10.21 02:00 SzegedNewsBotka Nap képe: Telihold-kelte a vásárhelyi Pusztában

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2021.10.21 02:00 VE6LK Swedish Army comms vehicle for idea fodder

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2021.10.21 02:00 Flatbuttbigbelly Elon tweets about Doge. Price barely moves. Yet, Shiba goes higher and higher.

My question : Is his tweets loosing the hype when it comes down to Doge (that I can’t care less) or some geniuses do believe that he tweets are only working to pump Shiba without being his intention ?
Whatever it is… Keep tweeting and let’s break that ATH today.
Best of luck to all the ones that deserve to receive very fruitful rewards for being patiently waiting.
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2021.10.21 02:00 bashup2016 A man can live off of Peanut Butter Capn Crunch

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2021.10.21 02:00 RedX79Thefantasy *things to add

There should be a way to boost augment power usage in the ascension .
Weapon cosmetics - I like to feel fly while I’m destroying monsters . It sucks when you have a great build and you can’t get the weapons to somewhat match your appearance.
Skills - these need to be expanded upon .
Rampage - I feel it needs to be reworked . Compared to non rampage builds . It’s underwhelming.
It doesn’t compare to breach and soul shatter builds

I’m the element aspect you are kinda limited to certain equipment.
———————Quality of life ——————--
Make a way to auto salvage by rarity -
Armor screens need to be more reactive . They always seem to be a half second behind . Especially when selecting stuff to break down .
——————— augments ———————
Make it to where we can upgrade rarity’s of augments .
Make a way to reroll a specific roll on a weapon .
Make dream stone materials a chance to drop from regular enemies .
Weapon shop - add a row for guaranteed legendaries . Electrum gets useless real quick after you get all your builds .
Make a way to save multiple sets of valor armor. Also make a way to save your skill tree based off of your valor armor .
Although this will make you a lot stronger . It will make the game more enjoyable .
——————— enemy fixes —————-
Bosses who have phases need to be looked at . Slows the game done. Too much . For example the crocodile . Easy boss . But just annoying .
Enemy ai . There are times where bosses will spam their techniques . Very annoying . Continuous knock back
——————— loot ———————- Update loot tables
Only game mode to actually use for electum is atot
——————-Combat ————-
Their are instances where you can basically get infinitely knocked back .
——————-multiplayer———— Match making sucks .
Sometimes join game of someone Afk
A better Synch . When I’m matchmaking My spectral takedown rarely works .
Dnt bash me . Just some things I’d
Like to see
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2021.10.21 02:00 theoriginal222 What are some use cases for cloud functions? What are some cases where you would not use them?

Basically my team loves cloud functions, and I'm wondering what the community thinks of them vs other options. I don't like CFs because the deploy time is very slow, making reverts in the case of a bad deploy very delayed. I also hate that we're limited by the runtimes supported by GCP. My biggest problem is that we use cloud functions to process pubsub queue messages, but it doesn't give you the option to acknowlegde the message yourself when you are done processing, and retries have to be done by HTTP error codes – plus we cannot batch process messages from the queue.
I can see CF being good for building quick HTTP endpoints that don't need to be deployed often and are relatively small (< 100 lines of code) and maintained by only small teams. It definitely cuts down the development time for things like that. Conversely, it seems a poor fit for a large systems with many endpoints that are deployed often, or for things like queue/stream processing systems.
What are good use cases for CFs vs cases you would choose something else?
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2021.10.21 02:00 Radiant_Princess A Little Change To Normal Reimi

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2021.10.21 02:00 TrinityBlack13 God wants you to assault people… apparently…

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2021.10.21 02:00 byakuren-bot 太陽系の化石を見に行こう! NASAの木星トロヤ群探査機「ルーシー」の大航海(マイナビニュース) - Yahoo!ニュース - Yahoo!ニュース

太陽系の化石を見に行こう! NASAの木星トロヤ群探査機「ルーシー」の大航海(マイナビニュース) - Yahoo!ニュース - Yahoo!ニュース submitted by byakuren-bot to newsokur [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 02:00 Leenaners I’ve never seen this bug before today. In NY. It looks like a bee with solid black wings 🤷‍♀️

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2021.10.21 02:00 100LittleButterflies Final Days: Dammion Heard

I am nearing the end on this podcast and I have questions as well as a theory I haven't heard anyone propose.
The student ID and keys:
It's known that Heard's card was broken and could not be swiped. Other than to get the 6 digits off it, I don't see how it's relevant that the card was with the car keys. Anyone could have those numbers and anyone could use them. Interviewing student athletes and asking if they put in their buddies numbers to cover for them probably wont yeild accurate results. It doesn't seem far fetched to happen though we never get a solid "yes, these people did that."
But does it matter? The university back pedaled hard about those logs. They don't say why - whether because the information was just wrong or because the logs were there but something indicated the student was not, we don't know. Literally all we know is at first they said this and now they're not saying it with no further information provided. It could be friends looking out for him (and bought themselves lunch?) or someone trying to throw off investigators or nothing at all. The university holds the needed insight to that answer.
It's also often mentioned that the keys were in his back pocket. But which one and did it correspond with his preferrence? Someone right handed may be more likely to put keys in the back right pocket. But either way, someone could have placed them after bringing back the car or Dammion could have put them there.
The importance placed on this also requires us to believe that the car seen in town was his car. Iirc, three witnesses independently identified it so I think it's fair to believe unless otherwise clarified.
The mask, method of death, and booty call:
This young, popular, athletic college boy is partying with friends and around 1 am he asks a girl he is seeing to come over. That's a booty call. If it was because he was suicidal, it's possible he could hide it but my money's on a booty call. He's horny.
Someone mentions there was an oxygen restriction mask at the party that Kyle had. These can be used for athletic training and for kink and nobody really verified why Kyle had one. This become relevant later.
Heard is found in a jump cable "noose" with his body on a rock and his feet on the ground. He is also found with his pants undone. Nobody bothered to search the contents of his phone. The driver's seat was not in his driving position, but leaned back some. Not scooted back but leaned back.
The location:
The site is not an area he would have reason to be but is secluded and semi private - especially in the middle of the night. It's never indicated why he would have been there or found his way there but it's not a leap to consider he had been there before, scouted the location, or was shown it by someone as, perhaps, a lovers lane.
To me, there's a solid theory that he enjoyed auto-erotic asphyxia and simply went too far. Sometimes this is ruled a suicide and sometimes an accidental death. There's nothing about this that looks like a traditional suicide toy amateur eyes.
suicidal people are Grammy worthy actors when it comes to hiding it but the only person who reported he ever felt such a way was a girl with a sketchy interview. The entire premise of her statement was false - Heard did go home for Christmas. That's not generally the context one would forget when someone confides such a thing. Perhaps she wanted to insert herself into the investigation?
Second party:
It's possible he went there with someone. Especially if it was someone on the team or another guy - I can't imagine anyone would like to be outted due to an accidental sexual death. Especially if reputation, career, futures were at stake. And also, accidentally killing your best friend would freak anyone out. Perhaps this hypothetical person tried to cover it up with the student ID and moving the saturn (I mean, they'd have to leave somehow).
Unexplained things:
The untied shoe. But sometimes a shoe is just a shoe. Lack of finger prints and potential clean up? No cash? Missing earrings? Missing shirt? Yeah someone may have just looted instead of calling it in, but to take the earrings out of a corpse, cash (maybe), and a shirt that was in a package? Frankly, it's so random it seems staged. Maybe it is or maybe there's other explanations.
Why did he get out of the car? I understand desperation to get that O but wasn't it cold and wet? Never imagined that to be conducive to the theoretical goal.
I have been frustrated because I haven't seen, so far, much investigation into this possibility. To me it's an obvious conclusion and a far simpler one than a young man like him wanted to kill himself slowly and his pants just happened to be undone.
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2021.10.21 02:00 Useful-Ad4186 free Minecraft upgrade gift card

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2021.10.21 02:00 240Nordey It's finally happening. 30 series gpu's are appearing more and more on store shelves. (At least in my city)

I live around Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, and have been wanting to get a 3060ti for at least a year now. I have had to fight with the idea of not just over-paying a scalper for a card, and was really close to doing so.
This weekend I did one more search on-line, and a lot of the people selling cards were new listings within a few hours of my search. This in mind, I thought of where new cards may be coming in. I hopped in my car in the morning and drove directly to Memory Express.
As soon as I walked in and saw behind the counter, my jaw dropped. 3060's all the way up to 3090's lining the shelf. All freshly unboxed.
I immediately got to a cashier and asked for a 3060ti, and they had 1 left. $730 Canadian, plus 4 year warranty, all for a total of $900. As I left the store, I still couldn't believe it.
I just wanted to make this post to let people know that cards are getting on shelves. Check your local PC shop's shelves in person, and you may be surprised.
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2021.10.21 02:00 EverythingIsFine08 Non fatelo, non dovete farlo

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2021.10.21 02:00 dychronalicousness Received this little baby today

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2021.10.21 02:00 goblinking_420 Sorry for the text being hard to read, I couldn't put a background on it.

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2021.10.21 02:00 TrueGxmer [13M] Sup :P

Hi there my name is invalid because if someone here knows me irl then they would probably tell me at school, anyways, I'm 13 I like Sports, I also exercise lots, for some reason the time I start exercising is 3AM then I basically just sleep until 1PM.
I like videogames, I'm basically good at all of them not matter what, from shooting and racing games to whatever Barbie weird game you guys like, pls be 12-15 years old because I don't want creepos, I'm talkin to you.
Yeah, that's basically me, dm me if u want
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2021.10.21 02:00 byakuren-bot 今夜はオリオン座流星群がピーク! 観測前に把握しておくべき最も重要なことはこれだ!! - ロケットニュース24

今夜はオリオン座流星群がピーク! 観測前に把握しておくべき最も重要なことはこれだ!! - ロケットニュース24 submitted by byakuren-bot to newsokur [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 02:00 EnderLaughEmoji This guy here just tried Jamie Oliver's fried rice.

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2021.10.21 02:00 SyeTen Which career to go for?

Choosing between degrees in 2 healthcare fields that are projected to grow steadily for the next decade. One pays more but it'll take longer to complete the other one’s quicker, cheaper and I'd be significantly more flexible in terms of hat settings I can work at. I might grow to like doing these but right now I am looking for a career that pays far better than the retail job (which I ironically like but understand I can’t live long-term off the income it brings me) I’ve had. Should I go balls deeper and shoot for the more-specialized higher paying career or the more general career with less “upfront” debt that still already pays a heck of a lot better than retail?

I understand that to some degree the degree and line-of-work I should ultimately this is a personal choice but here me out. I (25M) have a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating in Cognitive Sciences and the Humanities. Now I want to go back to school, and I've narrowed things down to health care. I've never, growing up waning to do anything in healthcare and right now I'm not feeling particularly inspired to do this for any reason other than it should put me in a position to support myself financially.
More about myself, I consistently get INTP from Meyers-Briggs assessments and after several rounds of taking the IIP RIASEC found that I’m: Realistic 17 / Investigative 26 / Artistic 24 / Social 16 / Enterprising 22 / Conventional 18. So going with my top 3 categories, I am an IAE. But after looking at all of these, I kind of wanted more stable income and job security than any of the RIASEC’s top 5 career suggestions.
I'm generally introverted and generally don't like social interactions. But I've found that (having worked since 2019 at an outdoor equipment retailer) that if I share a common interest with people, I can feel energized to get through my day and actually enjoy working.
I like doing photography and cinematography (and lo and behold Film and Video Editing comes up as a career choice on my RIASEC assessment), so I figured if I found a job in a high-paying field that is like taking pictures and video that I could be well off. Diagnostic imaging is basically that line of work. However, as you can probably figure out, unlike in outdoor gear retailer, this line of work would just have me using my skills to “process” people of all kinds of interests and persuasions and often in a state of distress which may put a damper on my enthusiasm when it comes to these lines of work.
In the healthcare fields, I’ve narrowed it down to getting an AS Radiography, which would make me certified X-ray technician with the option to certify for CT scans right as I finish the degree and PET and MRI down the line OR getting a BS Nuclear Medicine which certifies you to inject radioactive isotopes into patients to see patients’ physiology AND to on rare occasions need to be part of a treatment plan to using targeted nuclear radiation injects to treat and cure certain cancers and CT-certified as a part of the program.
I’ve narrowed my school of choice down to one university which I’m hopeful that I can survive this private university since it’s a private faith-based university (PFBU) and as a non-religious/atheist millennial I’m hoping that the preachy-ness isn’t something that would negatively affect my experience at this university. I’ve looking the Uni’s demographics and there are non-religious, atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. enrolled so I hope it’s not that bad since they are letting non-Christians (Xians) in. The reasons that I’m settling on going to a private Xian university is because it’s the only university that my Xian parents will help me to pay for to attend. While there are a few other public 2-year community- and state-colleges I could that could be cheaper on-paper, if I attend them, I won’t have my parents financial support to pay for the tuition AND you I couldn’t just move back into my parents’ place which is not far from the PFBU while I and am courses.
I have loved working for the company I’ve been with thus far and want to stick around them and have my foot in the door. I like the people that get hired there and the crowd of customers it attracts, and it gives me access to so industry professional discounts!!! I could transfer to work at the location close by the PFBU, but I’d being transferring to a smaller location which to me after having visited has a slightly different work culture being that it’s a smaller location, but I think I can manage. I’ll be enrolling at this PFBU as a sophomore wit the amount of credits that transfer over towards either of these degrees and “as an undergraduate” you can be effectively a part-time student and have a PT job on the side but I hear that is nearly impossible to hold onto a PT job when you're essentially working 40-hours a week during the clinicals in the last 2 trimesters/years of either program.
Obviously the AS Rad would be a faster degree (it’s a 2-year program) to get and a cheaper degree per se. The field is larger but there are still a lot of job openings and projected growth in the next decade. It appears the normal starting pay in my state would be about $50k to $60k but I’d also have higher patient volumes and less need to develop connections with patients.
Pros: Quicker to get and start making money, could potentially have less debt and I’d be in a larger field with a larger need that’s still projected to grow. I’d being handling a lot of patients, but I won’t often have to get invested in them. Rad techs don’t have to work exclusively in hospital settings.
Cons: It pays less. It also means that there’ll be times where I’ll have to do scans in the middle of some emergency situations where blood and guts may be visible. There will also be the occasional barium enema to administer.
With the BS Nuke-Med, I’d being going for a 4-year degree and simply having to take more credit hours of courses, it’s more expensive, and the field is much smaller but on paper the average entry pay in my state is about $70k to $80k. It’ll mean I’ll deal with a lower volume of patients, but I’ll often see them more and must engage more with there lives. While the field is smaller and more specialized, they are still projected to growth at a rate like X-ray technicians. I’d have to take more math courses, which I have always struggled with but maybe I should take them now so that I don’t have to worry about them being an obstacle to further job growth in the future?
Pros: Pays noticeably more than Radiation Technicians get. Sounds like a cooler job to outsiders. Getting a more specialized skill from the outset may make it easier to just get the licenses to diversify and broaden my skills down the line. Maybe?
Cons: I could be exposed to more radiation over the course of my career. Takes longer and is going to be more expensive. I’d be handling less-patient volume BUT I’d inevitably have to get invested in my patients more often. And sometimes the treatments won’t be effective enough and I’ll watch as some patients die. Bummer. I’d also have to get used to sticking needles into people. Ugh… more math and physics courses. Due to the specialized nature of the job and the infrastructure ad equipment needed, Nuke-Med Techs generally need to be at larger hospitals.
Keep in mind this is my second bachelor’s and I’m having hard time finding scholarships that are opening to second bachelor’s seekers but my parent’s “say” they’re going to help me pay for it, but I don’t know to what extend they mean that. Since this a PFBU and it’s my second bachelor's degree and I’m personally not Xian, there’s really no scholarships through the university for me. My company I hear has a “tuition reimbursement program” which I have heard covers up to 3 credit hours per semester. It’s not much but anything helps. It’s also mean that’d I’d have to be working a minimum number of hours on a rolling average to qualify I believe. I certainly would have to look into this further.
What would you fellow Redditor suggest I choose?
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2021.10.21 02:00 K4nisterkopp Essen in den Kühlschrank räumen ist wie Tetris spielen, Essen aus dem Kühlschrank nehmen, wie Jenga

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2021.10.21 02:00 Dear_Ask6521 Does redemption exists?

The relationship ended because of me, I understand and acknowledge that. I owned it. I don’t want to make the same mistakes, because of that I’ve grown both as a man and as a person.
Will that ever mean that redemption exists for me? Will I ever not feel.. inadequate?
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2021.10.21 02:00 SecureBreakfast5835 Trekking to Everest Base Camp

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