Content court idea: Dan Bilzerian

2021.10.21 02:20 Boobgarbage Content court idea: Dan Bilzerian

Perfect candidate for a content court: alpha fraud douche lord Dan Bilzerian. What do y’all think??
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2021.10.21 02:20 Frosty_Pineapple_668 vol45

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2021.10.21 02:20 Unlikely_Repair_3925 For the twins who genuinely are okay with out their counterpart

[DISCLAIMER: this is for the twins who feel no need for they’re counterpart, who feel no animosity, who barley even think of they’re TF, and who are okay the thought of union not happening] hopefully you exist… because I do.
Anyways, I brought you here to ask:
Scenario: you walking down the street (your intentions for walking the street is related to a real life reason.) If you were faced with your twin as you walk the street, how would you’re reaction to them be?
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2021.10.21 02:20 lai_mor Why am I receiving messages on my Mac from a number I blocked on my iPhone?

I blocked a contact on my iPhone but when I opened my MacBook I had received a message from said contact. If they send their message through SMS will it still send to my laptop even though I blocked them in iMessage ? Could that be what happened ? Confused as to how to fix this.
Thanks !
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2021.10.21 02:20 maxvideo127 Hay 50 mil rezagados sin vacunas; no acudieron a las convocatorias

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2021.10.21 02:20 the-bess-one Test driving this guy tomorrow. I might join the gang soon. Tell me your kind and dislikes (2015 xr-z ex)

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2021.10.21 02:20 justpostingforamate Ruthless Landlords

Our realestate agent has offered an increase of rent from $500pw to $600pw and indicated this is market rate for a 3 bedroom house. Um.. SQM Reaearch indicates as of October $511 per week ans it looks like it is starting to cool from recent highs. We have been great tennants but this is just unbelievable. If data from SQMResearch is accurate these guys are either lying or trying to suck us in for a 12 month lease before market cools. Also taking advance of low vacancy rates to put us in a tight spot. Unbelievable. Our previous house kicked us out and increased the rent too despite paying rent through the whole covid19 period. So done with Darwin.
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2021.10.21 02:20 swagNextTuber Michael Jackson's son Prince hosting 'Thriller Nights' charity costume party at Jackson family estate

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2021.10.21 02:20 Champagne_poet Guys I wanted to loose 10 pounds this year and..

We got only 15 to go .....
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2021.10.21 02:20 Harrifik We're excited to share the process that every governance proposal will follow.

Hi there!
We're excited to share the process that every governance proposal will follow.
This is your chance to learn how you can use your $CQT (without spending) to participate in governance.
A few highlights:
1️⃣ We're calling it Covalent Governance V1
2️⃣ Has three Consensus Levels -- Discourse, Discord, and Snapshot vote
3️⃣ Proposal creation threshold: Holding 5000 $CQT
4️⃣ Proposals will be Initially bootstrapped by the Covalent Team
5️⃣ Voting Power: 1 $CQT = 1 vote
6️⃣ Your $CQT will stay in your wallet (No gas costs either)
7️⃣ A minimum quorum for a proposal to pass: >55% approval, 1000 votes
Detailed process:
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2021.10.21 02:20 AmberJnetteGardner Rare biblical ‘balsam tree’ found on 2000-year-old amethyst seal

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2021.10.21 02:20 swagNextTuber Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler 'went on a couple dates' after split, reality star reveals

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2021.10.21 02:20 Ineed_mental_therapy took me 50 minutes, boredom, winRAR begging me to buy their full version, constant reassurance to stay awake and accidentally closed tabs. but i stripped out the stock photos of the beamNG cars. i might do the variants next

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2021.10.21 02:20 curtdbz Here are all the Super Chats from the Luis Elizondo (Part 2) podcast

23232 Riu
Why we don’t have UFO seeing on Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Middle East?
Affaan M
wonderful conversation, love it.
Akhil Kon
Thank you for your service.When can we expect disclosure regarding this issue considering that you have previously that we might feel somber after knowing what you know.
Alex Garcia
What are your views on reincarnation Lue?
Andy Sullivan
Has Susan Gough yet acknowledged or responded to your letter asking her asking her to set the record straight? If she hasn't what are your next steps towards this goal?
Avishant Singh
Is the universe Holographic? How will we be able to communicate with this phenomenon / others?
AWaif Soul
With the Phenomenon being so evasive, what level of confidence do we have that global disclosure will be a net positive for engagement with it? As an analogy, we know hornets exist but poking the hornet's nest is ill advised, no?
How many "woah" moments did Lue have in regards to UAP's and his time at AATIP? Can he talk at all about any of those moments?
Bertjan Bolink
can UAP possibly use US nukes against them. Are whatever is behind UAP self appointed growers of humanity deciding if we live or die?
brad su3
human perceptual frameworks are illusory 🧿 transcend the stories ~ repeat the metacognitive aware state with high frequency for unconscious spontaneous reemergence
Curt, what would you do if you came face to face with a UAP or extraterrestrial?
Honestly, I just want to chill with my Aliens homies
On Unidentified. Lue and Tom visit and speak with the Italians. Pausing on the PowerPoint slides. UAP crafts have different shapes. Our technology has advanced over the years but has UAP technology remained the same? Thanks!!
What can Lue say about the mass sighting over NYC oct 13 2010. He would have been at ATIP at the time. Im sure he looked into it.
Pls ask Lue about the mass sighting over NYC on Oct 13 2010. This sighting is often overlooked. He was with AATIP at the time. Sure he looked into it
Chris Bustin
I was wondering if Lue has ever met documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell?
Chris Yanover
Is there possible a agency outside of the Lue's influence that could possibly know more about UAP'S? Like at the Department of Energy?
Cognitive Dissonance
thanks so much for this interview, yall. im curious what Lue's thoughts on UAPx are. Excited for the data they could potentially be collecting?
Considering the UT hypothesis,is there evidence that UAP “communicate” from trascendental perspective?Are time,place, mode of appearing communication?
colton dunn
First, great mugs. Second, at the end of the Showtime show it says you and some others left that to the stars place. Why?
Can you please ask Lue his thoughts on theory of Breakaway Space Programs (proponents like Joseph P Farrell). And the recent UAP's being advanced human drones/technology of a breakaway group/govt?
Dale Mroczek
People have speculated that UAP propulsion would create gravity waves. Can UAP signatures be picked up by LIGO?
Danger Six
Are these beings influencing or attempting to control specific humans for their own ends? I have personal reason, and even proof to believe they are
Danger Six
Maybe the most important question you will ever ask him, is "do you think they are influencing or attempting to control specific humans for whatever purposes". i am nearly certain they are
daniel boguszewski
Lue, I'm a UX? app designer in Boulder CO.I want to help and volunteer my free time to work on your AI image recognition app. Are you looking for help?
Debra Strayer
How do ufos relate to human perception of causality vs other perceptions of causality in relation to time & space?
Debra Strayer
would lou please elaborate on infamous slide 9?
Dream King
Any information pertaining to a possibility that the UAP; etc. could be humans or AI from the future? Thanks to both of you!
Have you heard of the menehune that we’re Pygmy race that inhabited the Hawaiian islands
Has the US NAVY actively luring these UAP to record and study. I hope to expand on the Meghan Kelly interview . Thank you for your service
Easter Island Statues
Lou - are you being extra-cautious when responding to questions due to your NDA + in your book will only be censored by redactions imposed?
What does Lue feel the additional "more compelling" things would compel people and/or officials to think or do that they aren't doing already?
Freedom Lovin' Fool
Do the famous comments issued by the former Israelian space chief Haim Eshed correspond with reliable information you are aware of? Also, have you considered giving guest lectures at universities to spread the word?
Based on the evidence you have seen, without referencing it, what is your belief of the UAP origins? Alien/Inter-dimensional/Foreign/ Wakanda theory?
Giovanni C
Is it correct to think people assume AATIP doesn't have all the answers because it worked interdependently from other agencies/department which they may actually know more about the phenomena ?
Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-Costa 𒀭𒂗𒆠
Harry white
Tom Delonge believes Roswell was Nazi technology that flew up from Argentina. what are your thoughts on this, did they have such technology
Hector Morales
Mr. Elizondo, THANK YOU for your service. History will be remember your name as one of the pillars of breaking the information embargo that the cabal has had on UFOs and possibly aliens.
Is he/does he know who is, working on the truth of our existence - creation/simulation/othemix, as that would put everything else into context
Ian Knowland
Are we headed toward a formal "truth commission" as a possible solution?
Il Sospetto
Lue, do you believe UAP's are a form of mechanical life? Or even AI Autonomous drones deployed by non-human intelligence? Has AATIP looked into that hyphotesis especifically?
Infinite Nulla
It is unethical for them to violate our borders. We have a right to privacy, even if they engineered us. We wouldn't, or at least shouldn't, violate other sentient beings like they are doing to us.
James Shamsi
Ross Coulthart said it cud be good to offer a deal to those who kept the programs secret where they get immunity in exchange for us getting the truth. Would you guys back a style petition for this? Do you think the "others" wud like this?
Jameson Arnold
what type of COTS device(s) can I purchase to better capture potential objects above us? Thanks Lue, keep up the great work.
Jameson Arnold
when using your analogy about the companies, did that happen to tothestars somehow?
Jason Hale
Do you know more than the Gang of 8?
Jerry Watson
What improvements do we need for the military to track UAP's seen by radar so far? Estimate a starting budget?
John K
Coulthart said he was exploring the idea the intelligence behind UAPs could be messages from humans in future time. is that a possibility for DOD?
Jon Robinson
In the Nimitz incident. The cap point was known and flown to in advance of the pilots. Is that potential evidence of time travel? How could they know?
Jose Rodriguez
Can humans summon / contact UAP? How?
Josh Oakley
Are there interesting UAP-related things you can share with us if only someone asked you the right question in the right way? If so, why haven't you shared them so far?
Justin Davis
New subscriber love this. Thank you
Kaleen Dowdy
Thank you both for what you're doing!!! Much love & supportive vibes from the midwest U.S. 😁
Karas Bücherecke
How likely is the transmission of information over extremely long periods of time in the form of stories or conditioning that lead to an instinctive programs in the brain, rather than hard coding the info in a some place?
Keith Shoup
Any thoughts that aliens ‘feed’ on our pain and distress? That this planet and our species is nothing more than a farm for them?
Kevin Lansdown
Given the clues Lue, Delonge, and others have been laying down, it seems we are dealing with Cryptoterrestrials, not necessarily Aliens. Is this what Admiral Byrd found during operation High Jump?if so, is their a covert war?
Is Lue aware of any aircraft development program with the purpose of intercepting UAP? I cant imagine the US leaving a gap in their intelligence
Kinsei Sensei
Are you Kurt, or Lue aware of Gobekli Tepe, the 12,000 year old megalithic site in Turkey? Doubles the amount of time of our perceived “civilization”
Kyle Daley
Lue find me and let’s wrench on my 68 barracuda and ls swapped 240 drift car together I have beer and make awesome brisket thank you for all you do brotha hooah wanna continue service u need just ask
leakim39Great interview.Lisa Bowden
are u considering a run for congress?? president? thank u for your service
Luis Morales
Mark Tasaka
Ross Coulthart mentioned something about UAPs being humans from the future on your podcast. Could you please ask Mr. Elizondo to elaborate on this.
Mike Klemm
The biblical record seems to accurately describe the entities we are dealing with. Both sides. Wouldn’t it be wise to at least consider more seriously the intentions of these entities given this?
Papa Spirit Warrior Zondo - May the odds be in your favor this day. Goodluck Curt! Have a great show.
Lue, do you believe an advanced alien civilization would be capitalistic?
mystery cave
bob monroe’s “mistery of loosh” story? thoughts?
N Cloud
Lue, Do you believe in global warming/climate change?(Contamination of water, meat production, air pollution, and stressing of resources). Is this related to the UAP Phenomenon being reported?
N Cloud
Lue, do you believe in globalwarming/climate change? (Contamination of water, meat production, air pollution, and stressing of resources). Is this related to the UAP phenomenon becoming more reported?
Nathan Lobono
Can Lue speak on answers given by Richard Doty's 7 hours worth of interviews? He mentioned his 25 year NDA ending in 2013. And his words are shocking.
Paolo Frezza
Lue thanks for your hard work and your commitment to this topic and thank you Curt for how open minded your podcast is ! No question just appreciation
Patrick Kelley
Lue, Kurt what are the relationships between extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional? How do they interact?
what does elizando know about mount archuleta and what was going on there
Preston C.
What is the connection between UAPS and Atlantis? Tom Delonge mentioned a connection to Atlantis.
Thanks for your incredible courage and service Lue. Do you see any chance of a major disclosure announcement (white house level) in the next decade?
Randall Mattel
Do the majority of smaller UAP's have "appendage's" like the "Tic-Tac" David Favor interacted with had?
Rex Warren
love and respect both of you
Rob Warneke
Do you know of any bombshell video/pictures coming out in the near future? if not: Why hasn't there been more since its not as stigmatized as before
Lue mentioned that disclosure already happened. But what people want to know is if these are ET or not. That needs confirmation to be real disclosure
Lue, Is there any connection between UFO and life after death?
Ryan P
What is the primary concern from the Military's perspective to keep what Lue knows secret?
Ryan P
Thanks for all your hard work Curt. 👍 So much respect for Lue and his unwavering dedication.
Lue: have you heard, and/or any truth to this phenomenon being a shared psychotic disorder having a contagious effect not unlike a transmissible physical virus AND/OR is the CDC involved w/ phenom?
Not sure if already been asked, has Lue ever heard of the Zimmernacht whistleblower (called exactly that, or under any other name) appearing on reddit, and if yes, is there any truth at all to it?
u/Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal Please ask Lue about a program called DECEPTIVE INDICATIONS AND WARNINGS aka New Pear Harbors
Dr. Vallée has written that he came into possession of documents showing that forced "UFO abductions" were conducted by the CIA as psychological warfare experiments. How do you think they pull it off?
u/Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal Lue's take on Dr. Greer's disclosure work?👽✌ Is Greer more free than Lue to speak out on UAP truths?
Are you aware of UAPs that exhibit a dripping like quality, something that sheds material as it flies. I also wanted to ask what your opinion is on the Rhendelshem Forrest incident
Scott Gill
Thanks for your work, Curt! Super stoked for this.
Scott Larkin
(For others, check out Suspicious 0bservers on YouTube where the upcoming "event" is decoded.) How deep does infiltration go? I see the psychotronic warfare, and I know the light is working in the background. Tell me the good guys have a plan, Lue! lol
Scott Larkin
Nasi novare coram, Lue. I believe your service to God and Country will be understood more clearly in the history books, Are you aware of the CIA's paper known as the "Adam and Eve" event? How much of what is going on currently is related to this pending event?
Sebastian Scheerer
Does he know about the Hessdalen phenomenon in Norway (orbs, lights and sighting) and what does he know/think about it?
How important is "Sound" in the search of answers to UAPs? Do you know if we ever used a laser microphone to record sounds inside a craft?
Has AATIP, or any organization that you know of, ever considered using a Laser microphone on these UAPs To see if there can be any sound recorded from inside these "Crafts"
Could ‘they’ be avoiding contact until there is a unified government? Isn’t it not ideal to contact a civilization with fragmented governments?
Sonja's News
Mr Elizondo I wrote to my Congress person about more transparency pertaining to the UFO phenomenon/report,do feel that will do anything?
Question, was it Lue in a previous interview that mentioned Humanity would "let out a huge sigh" (sic) if they knew what he knew? That was profound if so.
Stephanie Highfill
Is there information being encoded into less mainstream information media channels that can be parsed out, John Nash style, that could help us arrive closer at the truth of the phenomenon in general?
Is it safe to assume if Tic Tac incident and like were spoofing by a nation that such they would be so advanced in signals that they wouldn't need to put on such a demonstration, and it would risk loosing their exploits?
Taylor Westmore
Have you read the work of Thomas Townsend Brown or his patents on plasma propulsion and power conversion technology? Did USA/Russia/China perfect it?
Lue has said previously that the answer to how to detect UAPs has been there all along. Any relevance to the 1420 MHz "Hydrogen Line" that SETI searches? Do UAPs electrolyze watewater vapor?
Terry Rueckert
Have we ever communicated with The UAP’s or associated phenomena via language or signals? Have any anthropologists or linguistics been consulted?
Terry Rueckert
Mr. Elizondo has also called UAP “craft” multiple times and made comments about not knowing “who” is piloting them. This seems like an assumption, at least without proof. Does this mean there is proof these are craft with pilots?
Terry Rueckert
Hello! Luis Elizondo has said he does not want to bring assumptions into the UAP conversation. He chooses his words carefully and does not over-
Thomas Carlton
Can you please expand on why mainstream UAP history starts with the Nimitz and Tic Tac? You’ve said you understand but don’t agree with this decision
Tomas Kavka
Is there any evidence that suggests they're harvesting anything from us?
Tomas Kavka
YouTube is flooded with footage of UAPs that appear to be morphing? Why do so many of them appear to be organic and alive rather than machines?
What is the relationship (if any) between what we deem consciousness, including disembodied consciousness and the UAP / extraterrestrial phenomenon?
Tricia Harvey
What's Lue's thoughts about the Men in Black?
UAP Contact
How can I get Mr. Elizondo to review footage I’m getting of interactions and responses with UAPs?
Can you ask him about Project Crystal Knight aka Project Serpo which was featured at the end of Steven Spielbergs Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind with 11 soldiers in red boarding the alien space craft
WALLY Lafferty
Who are the g’vmt ppl who come to confiscate cameras and data, threatening witnesses to remain silent about their experience? This has happened to military and civilian witnesses. AATIP?
WALLY Lafferty
Who are the g’vmt ppl who come to confiscate cameras and data, threatening witnesses to remain silent about their experience? This has happened to military and civilian witnesses. Who are they and why would they do that?
Assume the US or other country HAS "cracked the code" of the observed UAP technology. What do you see as risks/benefits of publicly disclosing that?
Witness Citizen
How many orbs did the kh 11 block 3 pick up over Russia?
Xavier Miller
Thoughts on Steven Greer and his work ?
adam and eve : every x amount of years magnetic pole shift destroying human civilization, leaving some to rebuild.
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2021.10.21 02:20 Rockwood420 Ich_iel

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2021.10.21 02:20 peet192 One interesting fact about Jesse Spencer

Over the last 25 years Jesse Spencer has played 977 episodes of television as a main cast member over 3 shows 600 in Neighbours around 177 on House and 200 in Chicago Fire
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2021.10.21 02:20 GiantTriceratops Forgeworld changes with codex

I'm sure you are all sick of specualtion posts by now, but I was just thinking what we should be expecting in regards to forgeworld stuff. Its assumed that most if not all our basic codex stuff will get weapons updates and possibly stat changes, but is it likely the FW stuff will get the same treatment. For example, if we do get an extra wound, would the saggitarum be updated with that as well? What about moving FW units to main codex, is there precident for something like that? Or is the best we would get army rules updates and mabye a FAQ updating specific datasheets?
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2021.10.21 02:20 swagNextTuber Atlanta crime witnesses became video voyeurs instead of calling 911, mayor says

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2021.10.21 02:20 EtherealGears Can't change JEI column size using the config file?

Hi. I'm having a weird issue where my JEI is stuck at only 9 columns, and when I change the Max Columns thing in the config file from 9 to 20, it remains stuck at 9 in the actual game. I've tried deleting all the config files, removing and re-adding the mod, and nothing seems to help. Has anyone else experienced something like this and come up with a solution?
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2021.10.21 02:20 CrazyGamer875 Sigma male grindset

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2021.10.21 02:20 Tanvir_spah88 This was so funny when I thought of making it lol

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2021.10.21 02:20 swagNextTuber Ex-porn star in Florida sentenced in murder case

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2021.10.21 02:20 StiriusPen Help designing a creature (behavior, purpose, etc)

Hi, I’m designing a small one shot about a creature(s) secretly invading a small town in Florida. I’m having trouble deciding on how it acts and what it does, but I have a vague idea on appearance and the result of what it does to people. Any advice on how to make it suitably scary (I want to make something really bone chilling) or a point in the right direction would be very appreciated! So far I have that it’s skin is like tree bark or charcoal, and it seems to “wither” it’s victims until they are nothing but hollowed out shells, still alive and still aware, but unable to move.
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2021.10.21 02:20 ColaClubs My first two barbies. After seeing how amazing they were in person and feeling comfortable enough to get them i caved in and got these two. Couldn't be happier :)

My first two barbies. After seeing how amazing they were in person and feeling comfortable enough to get them i caved in and got these two. Couldn't be happier :) submitted by ColaClubs to Barbie [link] [comments]