Patiently waiting to be called on.

2021.10.21 03:11 camireau Patiently waiting to be called on.

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2021.10.21 03:11 Gefiltefished Creo que asustan en Oxígeno

Al rato lo construyeron encima de un cementerio indígena o una vara así, porque el otro día andaba caminando y comiendo un exquisito helado de choco brownie de la POPS en Oxígeno cuando escuché un grito de la nada de lo que pareció haber sido un viejo majijo diciendo "vaya a qué le jameen la jama malpajido le meto un pinchazo" y después alguien con traje de Mickey Mouse mal hecho andaba corriendo gritando incoherencias mientras que un mae enano como de 0.5 metros lo perseguía hasta que se cansó, paró y gritó algo sobre la madre pero no le entendí nada. Luego llegó la OIJ y lo que pareció haber sido la antigua guarda rural y se llevaron al enano alzado.
Luego un carajillo como de seis años que se veía todo poseído andaba gritando a grito pelado que le lleven a la tienda LEGO para su juguete y su tata o tío se cagaba de vergüenza.
Al chile no sé que está pasando ahí pero cuidado que creo que en ese chante hay una maldición o no sé que es la vara.
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2021.10.21 03:11 waluigi-official Should I re-cork the Spit Valve?

I know I should probably go to a professional about this, but I figured I'd ask you all first.
I played trombone for 5 years and then took a 4-year break, and now I'm picking it up again. I bought my instrument used and I've never had to replace the spit valve cork yet, so I'm not sure exactly what the signs are. It's definitely not been replaced for almost a decade.
Anyway, it's been leaking a bit, and I think it's been leaking more and more as time passes. Tonight, after I played for 45 minutes(ish) I tried emptying but it was completely dry, and the floor in front of me was soaked. I can't tell if there's any difference in how it sounds/feels because I took such a long break. What do you think? Is it time to recork? (I'm leaning towards yes, but I'm not exactly experienced with this)
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2021.10.21 03:11 rohan2998 Glitter My Face !!

Would anyone like to use my face as a canvas ? Like in Euphoria!
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2021.10.21 03:11 newsfeedmedia1 Erin Holland hits back at claims SAS Australia was ‘rigged’ and defends Sam Burgess’ win

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2021.10.21 03:11 Tomriddleisabaddie Has anyone seen this film?

Okay so like I’ve been searching for the name of a film for years but I’ve never been able to find it. I watched it when I was really young and I remember it vividly so I feel like it’s real but everyone I’ve asked claim that they have never even heard of it. Of what I can remember it’s in the style of Tim Burton, black and white, and it has a scene were someone is being chased in a victorian styled castle of some sort and a butterfly (like the one’s in corpse bride) goes into their eye and they fall off a cliff. I swear it existed but no matter how hard I try I can’t find it????
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2021.10.21 03:11 redzeusky Will NYC cancelling its gifted and talented programs improve outcomes overall?

What evidence backs this up?
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2021.10.21 03:11 Aadi-T Ghost Recon Wildlands

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2021.10.21 03:11 Quinlow Ist Squid Game nicht im Prinzip einfach nur Saw auf koreanisch?

Ich habe gestern Squid Game auf Netflix gebinged und wurde doch sehr stark an Saw erinnert, nur mit etwas weniger Splatter.
Sogar das Ende hatte Parallelen zum ersten Film.
Ging's noch jemandem so?
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2021.10.21 03:11 Tyler_0743 TVs make good amiibo stands

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2021.10.21 03:11 Rithic Opened my App Store and guess who I see

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2021.10.21 03:11 newsfeedmedia1 Abbie Chatfield prompts rumours she’s joining Below Deck Australia

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2021.10.21 03:11 coffeeaddict001 10 best budget gifts for coffee lovers - New York Daily News

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2021.10.21 03:11 puntarttt [In Hand - NO QC] 208¥ TJ Travis scott x Fragment Lows short review

Processing img s1voc2mvvqu71...
Processing img s1fev23awqu71...
Processing img k5mrpd8bwqu71...
Sup repfam just got these delivered yesterday. I'm not an expert QCer nor do I have a retail pair to compare to but here's a short review of a pair of shoes that I really like.
The hook-looking inner swooshes and inconsistent and slightly thicc outer swoosh might bother some people but I believe they are unnoticeable on feet.
The laces are slightly waxed but not enough for my liking so I ordered some waxed laces locally.
3M is reflective enough, tool code is nicely positioned to me. Logos at the back are embossed nicely. Cactus Jack and AJ embroidery not the best but decent enough for me.
Leather finishing around the edges is quite rough but you probably can use scissors to make it smoother or something but I'm not gonna do anything to it because no one will notice it unless you look at it up close. Other than that, leather quality seems to be good to the touch and not cardboard-ish.
It looks way better than the QC photos I got from agent and I'm also too old to be worried about getting called out so overall I am really happy with my purchase.
The price on the link is significantly lowered now so I'm not sure if it's going to be the same batch or if there will be quality difference in your future purchases.
Hope this helps.
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2021.10.21 03:11 chittychittygangnam People outside of USA, what is your version of Las Vegas?

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2021.10.21 03:11 alexaclova Shadow Bride - Episode 30

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2021.10.21 03:11 mrsfarroque BitGame LUT TOKEN

LUT is a functional token on the Bitgame platform, based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, combined with the centralized betting business, to create a holographic ecosystem for DAPP, mining and other scenarios, aiming to realize the profit sharing and asset appreciation of the platform and users. Users can use more than 20 cryptocurrencies supported by the platform to obtain LUTs through various methods such as sports and game betting. As long as they obtain and hold LUT tokens in Bitgame, they can not only regularly share platform profits from the dividend pool, but also participate in platform auctions, BINGO and many other activities to win mainstream cryptocurrencies
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2021.10.21 03:11 Jessalix 14F Extreme mood swings, really sudden, weird urges. is this because of hormones?

Just like the title, i can feel completely fine at one moment, but something small can really mess with my mood and its like i get really angry all of a sudden, really quickly. it doesnt feel like me and im not sure if its normal because none of my friends have talked about this kind of thing outside of periods. its not the same as when i'm on my period mood swings.
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2021.10.21 03:11 fanweijian Any one buy vxv on coinmetro?

Is it the cheapest way to buy vxv instead of uniswap to avoid the eth gas fees?
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2021.10.21 03:11 Domerlaser Is red light therapy for hair lose effective?

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2021.10.21 03:11 FlgDarkrai Triple Flakker drop ? So random but ill take it

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2021.10.21 03:11 machao195 So I was just downloading car mods for GTA San Andreas on, then found this.

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2021.10.21 03:11 jakewards What are these?

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2021.10.21 03:11 Davidm1012 Enjoying the past 3 months of ownership !

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2021.10.21 03:11 W_4ca Anyone else’s job offering BS lottery incentives for getting jabbed?

Earlier today I received this email from my employer.
“ Dear Valued Employees:
Don’t forget to enter out “Get Vaccinated” Raffle*. All Security Professionals, technicians and janitorial staff will be automatically entered into the raffle and have a chance to win $2,000 if, at the time of the drawing, they: (1) are active employees, (2) are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and (3) have updated their vaccination status and uploaded a copy of their vaccination card showing they are fully vaccinated. There will be thousands of winners!
Don’t miss out on your chance to win. The raffle will be held on Monday, December 20, 2021. Winners will be selected at random and will be notified shortly thereafter. Good luck to all! “
Are there really people out there who weren’t going to get jabbed that would get on board because they may or may not win $2k?
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