QAnon Conspiracies Are Tearing Through Evangelical America (2021) [00:14:14]

2021.10.21 01:26 CerebralGladiator QAnon Conspiracies Are Tearing Through Evangelical America (2021) [00:14:14]

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2021.10.21 01:26 I_one_up What proverb becomes something completely different if you mix the words around?

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2021.10.21 01:26 culebraplissken Cámara que graba Audio legal?

Hola a todos, vengo a este sub porque la verdad no sé a donde recurrir para sacarme la duda de si la siguiente situación es legal o no:
Resulta que vivo en un lugar donde compartimos cocina y debido a que han ocurrido algunos incidentes los administradores decidieron colocar una cámara, lo que me inquieta en realidad es que la cámara graba Audio y encima tiene un parlante desde dónde puede hablar el que esté del otro lado.
Mi inquietud es si grabar las conversaciones de las personas en ese lugar no va en contra de la privacidad de los inquilinos?
Les agradezco de antemano cualquier luz que puedan arrojar sobre el tema pues he googleado por todos lados y no encuentro información clara al respecto.
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2021.10.21 01:26 Quality_Chooser Another RWBY Rewrite: Scene 1 - Lighting the Fire

This is the first thing I ever wrote for my RWBY rewrite (found here:
I'd like some feedback.
As the smell coming out of the alley hit Cinder’s nostrils, she broke step and gagged. As wide and varied her experiences with unpleasant smells were after a long and diverse career, there was something about this particular mixture of stale vomit, rancid piss, and open sewer that managed to throw even her. Mastering herself, she stepped into the alley, past the bits of rotting litter, and walked on at a steady pace, feeling her confidence in Roman Torchwick draining by the second.
She had known the man was gutter trash from the moment he had slipped into his seat across from her at the table, leaned back in his chair, and favored her with what he clearly thought was a roguish grin. His suit had been expensive but his cologne had been cheap, the unmistakable sign of a man who wanted so badly to be taken seriously but did not know how. Still, Roman’s personal faults aside, he had been recommended by Adam, who suffered no fools. Discrete inquiries had confirmed Torchwick’s skill, if not his bearing.
As Cinder walked out into the intersection of the alley and one of Vale’s main roads, she caught sight of a man staring at her. She did not break stride but kept her eyes on him, even after he seemingly lost interest and staggered away. Probably just a drunk looking for a woman to ogle, but Cinder had not survived this long by taking chances. Ozpin probably wouldn’t bother with such a transparently incompetent agent, but the Vale Police Force were another matter. Cinder lingered at the corner as she watched the man turn into the bar at the end of the block, but he did not turn to look at her again. On another day Cinder might have been offended, but today she was relieved.
Cinder was a very attractive young woman most days, a fact that she exploited constantly, but today she had taken steps to make herself less conspicuous. Her clothing was baggy and nondescript, making it difficult to gauge her body type, a deception she enhanced with platform shoes that made her look even taller than she was. Her makeup concealed her perfectly formed face rather than enhancing her doll-like features and even the small briefcase she swung was old and scuffed, designed to evade notice. Not an inch of her ivory skin was visible except for her face, despite the fact that the night was warm, and her hood covered her long, shiny black hair.
As she walked on, she glanced at the address of the pawn shop she passed. 1932, which meant that she was almost at the warehouse. Yes, now that she looked she could see it looming over the liquor store. Torchwick had bought the warehouse and the vacant lot adjacent to it through such a tangled web of shell companies that it had taken her nearly a week to sort it out, and she had known what to look for. It had probably doubled the price he had paid for the properties but Cinder could not deny that it had been money well spent.
Coming up to the door, Cinder reached into her briefcase and pulled out her mask, securing it snugly over her face. The mask, with its voice modulation, combined with her clothes should make it impossible for anyone to identify her if something went wrong tonight. It wasn’t that she distrusted Torchwick exactly, gutter trash he might be but Adam had vouched for his discretion. It was rather that he had said that he would be hiring muscle for this operation and Cinder had no intention of trusting hired muscle with anything so vital as her identity. She had asked to see Roman in action before sealing the deal with him, yes, but on her terms.
Cinder knocked gently on the door. A few seconds later a hidden slot opened, revealing a set of orange sunglasses as someone on the inside looked her over. “You the one the boss is waiting for?” came a harsh voice from inside. Cinder rolled her eyes as she nodded. Obviously she would have answered yes either way, rendering the question pointless. The slot closed and after the quick grinding of a lock the door opened.
Cinder pushed past the man at the door and strode into the open space of the warehouse. Ignoring the gaggle of men standing around the center, Cinder’s eyes were drawn to the large airship parked in the rear. A Valesian Bullet. Impressive. The Bullet was Vale’s answer to the Atlesian Scimitar-class dropship. Larger and cruder, the Bullet had one crucial advantage, it ran almost silently, permitting stealth drops of specialized Huntsmen units. How Roman had acquired one Cinder had no idea, but she could not deny its usefulness as a get-away vehicle.
As Cinder approached the group of men, she shifted her attention back to them, or, more specifically, to the tall man in the jaunty white suit standing in the center, leaning casually on a thick black cane, smoking a cigar as he chatted affably with his men. Torchwick wasn’t exactly thin, but his face still had a shrewd, hungry look to it. His bowler hat, more elaborate than his associates’, was set at a rakish angle, and his styled orange hair gave off an air of ease that was slightly contradicted by a slight tension in his bearing, the instinctive twitch of a wanted man. His puzzled dark eyes attempted to find her gold ones through the mask as she approached, a frown creasing his brow as he took in her appearance. “That you darling?” he ventured, squinting at Cinder’s mask.
Cinder felt a twitch of anger as he casually revealed her gender to the entire room, invalidating one of the reasons for the voice changer. She forced her voice to be calm as she responded, “Yes.” Her words came out flat and mechanical. “Are we ready to go?”
“Hold your horses, darling. You know we never really ironed out exactly what your part in this little venture of mine was going to be. You wanted to come along and I respect that, but I prefer all members of my team to pull their weight. So, what can you do?” Torchwick finished, with a hint of curiosity in his voice.
Cinder, meanwhile was looking around. When she had met Torchwick he had been attended to by a girl… a girl who was not present in the warehouse. “Where is she?”
Torchwick frowned, “Do you mean Neo?”
“She’s sick. Caught some kind of bad stomach flu.”
“Then I will play her role. What were you going to have her do?”
Torchwick eyed Cinder for a moment. “Can you fly that?” he gestured at the Bullet.
“I can fly anything,” Cinder said, with more confidence than she felt. Her flying lessons had been years ago and she had never trained on military hardware. Still there was no point in confiding that to Torchwick and she was sure that she could work it out.
Torchwick eyed her for a moment, clearly hashing it out in his head before he gave a stiff nod. “Alright,” he exclaimed, “so I guess now’s a good time to go over the plan.”
Looking around at the assembled men, Torchwick addressed his crew, “So I have it on good authority that most of the VPD is going to be on the west side tonight, some kind of stakeout. The place we’re going to hit is on the north, the Dust to Dawn Shop.”
One of the goons whistled. Cinder, being new to Vale, had no idea what the Dust to Dawn was, but if it got this kind of reaction it had to be a major target. Roman had apparently remembered her mention that that she was after Dust and decided to plan his trial excursion accordingly.
“No known Huntsmen reported active in the area and we’ll be hitting the store five minutes before closing. I’ll take register, Finn you’re on comms. I don’t want any patrons raising the alarm. The actual alarm’s been taken care of, Neo sabotaged it last week before she got sick. Take these,” he passed out cylindrical vials to the goons, “they’ll hold the Dust in the dispensers. Shopkeep is an older man, we’re not expecting a struggle. You,” he turned to Cinder, “keep the engine warm. We should be in and out in no more than ten minutes, faster than anyone can respond. Anybody have any questions?”
“Yeah,” said one of the goons, “what about shares?”
“That’s all been settled up with Junior. I don’t pay bonuses under the table; he’s getting 40% and he’ll pay you from that.” There was a bit of scowling at that but no one objected. Roman glanced down at his expensive wristwatch. “OK, we’re go in ten minutes. Everyone in the Bullet.”
Cinder was the first to reach the airship and quickly dropped into her assigned place in the pilot’s chair. Much to her annoyance, Torchwick settled himself into the copilot’s seat next to her, stowing his cane beneath his seat. “Didn’t expect you to come here with all that,” he gestured to Cinder’s mask, “on.”
“I prefer to keep things as anonymous as possible, especially when there are so many factors at play that are beyond my control,” Cinder said, checking around the cockpit. So far, so good, the various gauges and instruments were in a pretty intuitive configuration and the controls looked simple enough.
Torchwick looked puzzled for a moment before letting out a short laugh, “Oh, you mean the boys? I wouldn’t worry about them. They’re just dumb muscle. Well, not so dumb that they don’t know how to keep a secret but that’s beside the point-“
“I do not like leaving anything up to chance,” Cinder cut in, coldly. Torchwick looked wounded for a moment and silence fell. Eventually he spoke up.
“You know I asked around a bit about you, mystery lady. No one apart from Adam had heard of you. You act all confident and cool but you are jumpy as hell.”
“Does that bother you?”
“No,” Torchwick sighed, “but I do usually like to know what kind of trouble I am getting myself into. Adam was rather vague about it aside from the whole rich beyond your wildest dreams thing. Honestly if it wasn’t for his recommendation, I doubt we’d be sitting here tonight. The man may be an animal but we go back and he’s always been solid. What I don’t get is how you know him.” Torchwick’s tone was light but he was definitely eying her now, a man trying to figure something out.
“I told you, you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it. Certainly not before I’ve decided you’re worth working with in the first place. As for how I know Adam, the same way you do. It’s a marriage of convenience.”
Torchwick’s eyes flashed, “So is he selling merch to you or buying info?”
“Our dealings are none of your business Roman. I wouldn’t pry. Besides, aren’t we getting close to launch?”
Torchwick consulted his watch again, “Yes we are. Get her airborne and I’ll open the side.”
Mentally crossing her fingers, Cinder pressed a large green button. The engines came to life, not with the satisfying roar she was used to, but with a gentle whine that surprised her. Some of that surprise must have come out in her bearing because Torchwick grinned and offered, “Yeah, quiet as a kitten. Great piece of work, isn’t she?”
“Indeed. I wonder how it is that a mere sneak thief managed to get his hands on hardware like this.”
Torchwick adjusted his hat, “Hey I get to be mysterious too. Maybe if you ever decide to trust me a little more, I can tell you the thrilling tale of the best damn thief in all of Remnant.” He clicked a remote and the wall of the warehouse slid silently open. “Shall we?”
Cinder pulled back on the stick and the Bullet rose quietly into the air. A press of a button and the airship began to lumber forward, picking up speed. It handled sluggishly, a bit like a boat, but Cinder guessed that that was the price of stealth. Roman rattled off directions as Cinder navigated the streets of Vale. A few people looked up at the faint sound or the slight breeze, but Cinder saw no signs of recognition. Around fifteen minutes later Roman looked up from his Scroll and said, “We’re there. Put us down on that building,” he gestured, “it can hold our weight.”
Cinder obeyed and Roman unbuckled himself, pulled out his cane, and moved back into the hold of the Bullet. Cinder turned in her seat and heard him shout back at her, “Keep the engine running just in case. We won’t be long.” With that he slapped a button, causing the side of the Bullet to open. He and his men jumped off onto the roof.
Cinder sat in her seat for a few seconds, realizing all too late that if she was just keeping the engine warm that she would miss seeing Roman in action. She compromised by leaving the engine running and moving out onto the rooftop. If anything happened, she would only be a five second run away from the controls. She got to the edge of the roof just as Torchwick finished making his way down the fire escape. He quickly organized his goons and strolled, bold as brass, into the Dust to Dawn. Cinder squinted down at the shop but couldn’t see much through the glare of the streetlights on the glass. Torchwick certainly had picked a big enough Dust shop to rob for his demonstration, Cinder thought. Time passed.
Then, suddenly, one of the goons smashed, scratch that, was smashed through one of the big windows of the shop, apparently tackled by a red blur. The man skidded a few feet on the pavement and the blur resolved itself into a small, dark-haired woman, wearing a black outfit complete with skirt and a red cape, or was it a hood? The girl stood up, reached behind her, and pulled out a red, metallic contraption that shifted itself into a scythe. Cinder swore under her breath, a Huntress.
A few seconds later more of the goons came running out of the shop, some brandishing pistols, others machetes. They swung and shot at the small Huntress, but she dodged and weaved, effortlessly parrying them and striking back with big sweeps of her scythe. Cinder’s eyes narrowed. She was a bit of a connoisseur of fighting styles and she could tell that the girl wasn’t very practiced. Her swings were too wide, her focus too narrow, her hesitations too long. A young Huntress, then, probably inexperienced. Not that it mattered much, as goon after goon went flying, unable to keep up.
Then Cinder saw Roman. He was moving to escape, carrying a huge case in one hand and one of the vials in the other, along with his cane. He moved pretty well, Cinder thought, always keeping one of the goons between himself and the Huntress, letting her expend her efforts on minions, dodging one man that was thrown in his direction. Once he had circled around the now ending melee, he turned tail and ran toward the fire escape. As he ran, he looked up, spotted Cinder, and threw the metal case with more strength than Cinder thought he possessed. She caught it easily and threw it into the hold of the Bullet. Now Roman was at the fire escape, his hand outstretched to grab hold and pull himself up.
But the Huntress had finished the goons. She launched herself at Torchwick, turning into a red blob of speed as she went. Torchwick saw her coming and narrowly ducked under the scythe swing. Then, to Cinder’s surprise, she saw his fist come up and collide with the onrushing Huntress’s midriff, pushing her back several feet with a grunt of pain. She landed decently and immediately moved back to the attack, trying to prevent Torchwick from reaching the ladder. Again Cinder was surprised, and a little impressed, to see Roman dodge the wide swing, jump, grab hold of the side of the ladder with one hand, and pull himself upward. He made it to the landing before the Huntress could react, and began to scramble the rest of the way up.
Cinder moved quickly. In four seconds she was back in the pilot’s seat, and a few seconds later the Bullet was airborne and moving to pick up Torchwick, who crested the peak of the fire escape a few seconds later. As he ran a familiar red blob shot up onto the roof, revealing the small Huntress, who pointed her scythe at Roman. A shot rang out and Roman stumbled, clearly having just blocked a bullet with his aura. He straightened and turned as a second shot rang out, this one missing Roman and tinging off the rooftop.
Roman yelled at the Huntress, “End of the line Red!” and threw the vial at her. As she moved to dodge the projectile, Roman’s other hand, holding his cane, came up. With a roar, a ball of light spat from the end of the cane, smashing into the vial of Dust, and exploding. A gout of flame expanded into being, consuming the Huntress, or at least that is what Cinder expected. Instead, at the last moment, a figure in black and white with a purple cape jumped out from nowhere, brandishing an object. The fire was forced back as if pushed. The new figure landed between the Huntress and Roman, and Cinder recognized her instantly, Glinda Goodwitch, Ozpin’s right hand. She swore under her breath.
Roman, perhaps recognizing Goodwitch too, was already booking it into the Bullet. Goodwitch moved too, taking long strides forward as she twirled her riding crop, causing a nearby pipe to break free from its ventilation unit and blast toward the Bullet, catching it in the side. The Bullet spun dangerously as Roman made his way into the cockpit, his eyes wide. “We’ve got a Huntress!” he blurted out unnecessarily as Cinder struggled with the controls, managing to stop the spin.
Cinder proceeded to jump up from her seat as Roman grabbed the stick from the copilot’s chair and ran down into the hold. As she arrived, she felt the Bullet shudder. A quick look outside revealed the cause, Goodwitch had manifested and thrown a number of icy spikes into the Bullet, some penetrating the armor while others had bounced off. Grimacing, Cinder called on her magic, and a torrent of flame shot forth from her hand. Goodwitch raised her crop and the flames diverted to either side of her, doing little more than ruffle a strand of hair free of its blonde bun, thwarted by her telekinesis.
Cursing, Cinder reached for a new spell, ignoring the shots ringing out as the original Huntress opened fire again. A rune appeared on the ground under Goodwitch’s feet and she barely managed to cartwheel out of the way before a pillar of fire split the night, shattering the roof. But then Goodwitch waved her crop and the loose material rose into the air and began to pelt the Bullet. Cinder called up a blast of air, but Goodwitch moved the pieces to the side, trying to get them in front of the Bullet and keep it from escaping.
Cinder wracked her brains as she moved her hand to deflect a shot from the Huntress when inspiration struck her. Casting her flame pillar spell again, this time she targeted the Huntress. As she had hoped the Huntress, in the act of reloading her scythe-gun, didn’t notice—but Glinda did. As Glinda snapped her crop out, using a pipe to pull the Huntress out of the flames a split second before they consumed her, the bits of roof fell to earth. Goodwitch’s face vanished into the background as Roman punched the throttle. Cinder breathed a sigh of relief; they had gotten away.
Roman was quiet all the way back to the warehouse. After he had successfully landed the Bullet, he seemed to come out of a reverie and quickly closed the side with his remote. He looked at Cinder with an expression half apprehensive, half sheepish. Cinder spoke first, “Well, that was a bit more exciting than I was anticipating.”
Roman nodded. “Ah… well… Yeah. Thanks for the assist,” he finished lamely.
“What happened?”
“That girl, the little miss with the red hood, she was already in the store. Bruno went to… take care of her and the little freak body-checked him out the window.”
“It happens. You can’t be expected to keep track of all the Huntresses in Vale.”
Roman frowned, “She’s way too young to be a Huntress. Couldn’t have been more than sixteen. Geez, they start young nowadays.” He looked up, “I can understand if you consider this a failure.”
Cinder regarded him for a moment, then she moved to the back of the Bullet. She picked up the case that had been sliding around in the back and opened it. Inside were scores of Dust crystals, high quality crystals, pure crystals. Torchwick had gotten up from his seat and moved next to her.
“I wouldn’t say this was a failure. These crystals are worth a lot of Lien, they’re probably the finest items in the store. True, you didn’t get the raw Dust or the rounds, but you reacted quickly and got away with the most valuable items. You performed well against our young friend. I think we can do business together.” She held out her gloved hand.
Roman looked surprised but gratified as he took it. Then his eyes narrowed, “What about Goodwitch. I’m pretty sure that was Goodwitch back there, right?”
“Definitely. Unless there is some other telekinesis-using, crop-wielding Huntress that I am unaware of.” Roman looked uneasy. “Look, I have to admit, if you hadn’t been there… How did you manage to fight her off? I was flying, I didn’t see.”
Cinder shrugged. “It wasn’t hard. All I had to do was break her concentration for the split second you needed to escape. You’ll need to lay low a week or two, we’ll see if Goodwitch picks up your scent.” “And if she does?” “I’ll handle it. You’re rolling with me now Roman. Expect perhaps a bit more danger than you are used to. I’ll contact you later with more.”
Roman nodded thoughtfully. As Cinder began to make her way to the door to the warehouse a question followed her, “Just… who are you?”
Cinder paused, considering. Roman Torchwick had just demonstrated a good deal of resourcefulness. He was clever, thought fast on his feet. But did she trust him… She made up her mind.
“My name is Cinder. And I have big plans for you, Roman. All I ask is a little… cooperation.”
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2021.10.21 01:26 C0SAS Friendly reminder that BS like this should be a mutable offense. Spam at best, trust trading at worst.

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2021.10.21 01:26 Dragon_Cult If your fictional character crush was a real person how would you seduce them?

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2021.10.21 01:26 Peacetoall01 If you wants to hear an alien speaking in Sundanese. She also giving a fun fact that in Sundanese, falling down has multiple word for every specific case.

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2021.10.21 01:26 Boom12146 Feeling like Newton

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2021.10.21 01:26 catsvscrows This is the third pyro dmg goblet I’ve pulled from this domain in three days. Still no good HoD sands, circlet, or feathers. Put me out of my misery, Mihoyo.

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2021.10.21 01:26 SnooPredictions2561 This book mentioned him….if you guys wanna

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2021.10.21 01:26 Hefty-Swing Why NASA Launched a Robotic Archaeologist Named Lucy

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2021.10.21 01:26 Soluxy I mean, the original series wasn't much different.

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2021.10.21 01:26 Previous_Maybe_3774 Is amputation the only option?

A relative of mine gave me one of her kittens about four days ago. I received this short haired calico kitten that looked to be about 6 weeks old at 1.44 pounds however she had been limping slightly on her left leg and with a mark. I had thought she was fine since she was still running and not completely immobile. I took her to the vet to do a check up as well as any vaccines needed. When I got there, they did an x ray on her leg and told me that her leg is some sort of genetic defect where her leg must be amputated. She had suggested to go another vet consultation to get a 2nd opinion. Which I will. These are my kittens x rays attached. This is a side by side of both of her legs. I wanted to ask vets of reddit if they also agree with my vets suggestion or if there is any other solution. Thank you.
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2021.10.21 01:26 drunkdialme Help my Aloe! Idk what to do, can he be saved?

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2021.10.21 01:26 AlphaAstroX The Bava/Jedrock edition is a curse in disguise

I saw Minecon and was hyped stupid for Bava edition, until i thought it through. Most likely y'all did not also think it thru, so ill explain. THE BAVA EDITION IS VERY VERY BAD NEWS.
For starters, it is a mash up of JAVA and BEDROCK. They have very different features, sometimes contradicting. How will mojang manage this?
Second, redstone and game mechanics. Java and Bedrok have different gam,e mehanics. Trying to combine them will be a pain. Bugs, glitches, errors. And, the redstone will work so wierd, unlike Java or bedrock.
And that brings us to the final issue- Redstone and mechanics. Since most youtubers have only bedrock or java, most will not make videos on bava. It will be pain cuz lets face it- 80% of everyone can only do redstone and commands with the help of youtubers. WHAT WIL BAVA PLAYERS DO WHEN THERE IS NO UTUBE FOR THEM
Basically, Bava will be a sad, pathetic, bug filled confusing version that most will hate. However, if Mojang makes players migrate their accounts from bedrock or java to Bava, then things will go much better
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2021.10.21 01:26 FatMole_Panda my friends chest

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2021.10.21 01:26 CallMehSparky Y'know what, I like you- *shows King Dice and Devil's design (I'm not proud of devil's design tho)*

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2021.10.21 01:26 Frosty-Ad-1443 Am I detrans?

So i’ve been on hrt for about 4 months and i was pretty sure i was trans beforehand (I started at 15 and i’m mtf). There are times when i like the effects and there are brief times i wish my chest was totally flat again. There are times i want to be perceived as a girl and times (like now) where i feel like just being a more feminine guy that paints nails. I don’t like the idea of developing facial hair, having a masculine build or more masculine face structure, but there are times when I wish I was something closer to a guy but with the less masculine features. I do admit that the idea of being cis and not having to worry about being trans is appealing to me as well. I also admit wondering to what it would be like to live as a guy again. Any thoughts on this from genuine non-terf detrans people?
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2021.10.21 01:26 TraditionalGoal422 SpookyShiba - Model For A Legit Moonshot - SHIB rewards - Community Giveaways + Shilling Contests

Spooky season has arrived! Perfect timing, as SpookyShiba loves spooking holders with 7% auto $SHIB rewards!
A Model For A Legit Moonshot
Magic is really very simple, all you've got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.
Holders automatically receive 7% of every transaction in SHIB rewards. All you have to do is hold to enjoy the passive income! Anti-whale and anti-snipe features will ensure a fair distribution! We welcome all snipers to try their best ;) The one-stop-shop for your spooky SHIB needs! Halloween is just around the corner, and our beautiful community will surely flourish! Merch is being worked on :) SpookyShiba has a dedicated marketing wallet and a strategic marketing plan that will kick in after sufficient organic growth!
7% SHIB Rewards
4% Auto Liquidity
4% marketing
2% max wallet
Marketing Plans:
Twitter Promos (e.g., Fabri, Maestro, Bitcoinbro, London)
All-day CMS trending
TG Pinned (e.g., BigPoppa Gems, Vehxy, Aden, Shilly Wonka)
All-day TG raiding
Community Giveaways + Shilling Contests
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